Digital Marketing Guide for Heavy Machinery Manufacturers in Nigeria

Are you looking for solid marketing strategies to boost your heavy machinery manufacturing business in Nigeria? Nowadays, a lot of people looking for the services of a heavy machinery manufacturer in Nigeria are likely to do an internet search and if your company doesn’t have an online presence then you are missing out on one of the best marketing strategies to promote your business.

There are many digital marketing strategies that heavy equipment manufacturers can choose from but the catch is choosing the right ones that will target your audience and making sure at the same time that it’s not too streamlined as to alienate a significant portion of the audience you wish to reach.

 In this article, we have compiled some solid digital marketing strategies for heavy machinery manufacturers in Nigeria that can help you attract, engage and retain the right customers for your brand.


1. Video sites

 It’s quite clear that video resonates. Most people engage more with what they see and hear as compared to what they can only read.  Especially in the heavy equipment industry in Nigeria, video can be a powerful way to reach and engage your audience who are likely to require heavy machinery for their business purposes.

Walk-around of new models of your equipment, walk-arounds of used equipment, how-to videos for basic repairs, instructional videos for operation, and other videos can be easily filmed at your location with a smartphone. 

Once you’ve created video assets in Nigeria, you can use them across marketing channels to maximize your returns. You can upload such videos on your website and engage customers when they click on your web link.

You could also upload such videos to video sites and run a sponsored video ads to consistently provide useful information to both existing and potential customers. This is a good way to retain old customers and to engage and convert new customers in Nigeria.

2. File sharing sites

A File sharing site is a company that sells and allows you to share file space for websites on its own website. A good example of a file-sharing site is Google drive as of the time of this writing. Once you upload photos and videos of your heavy machinery to file sharing sites (there are thousands of file sharing sites out there) and click on share publicly, this makes it visible to anyone on the Web. It’s possible for your publicly shared files to be indexed by Google especially when they are of high quality and relevant to search queries from your prospective customers in Nigeria.

3. SEO (Search engine optimization)

SEO simply refers to all the processes involved in making your business website visible to customers online preferably on the first page of Google or any search engine. An effective SEO campaign for heavy machinery manufacturers in Nigeria should have a clear plan that includes the parameters to measure your campaign success.

Identify And Specify Your Audience Demographics

You need to first identify target customers in Nigeria that would require your services e.g Farming industry for instance.

Choose The Right Keywords

Then what queries are they likely to type in when they are searching for your services. This part of SEO is an important part of your digital marketing strategy because choosing the right keywords would determine the success of your SEO campaign. Using the wrong keywords could undermine your strategy. It’s better to use long-form queries like heavy machinery manufacturers in Nigeria as this is what someone looking for your services is likely to type into the search engines.

Create Content That Resonates

Once you’ve identified your potential customers and the likely queries they type onto Google(keywords), the next step is to design your website content and add those keywords such that they show up consistently in your web content but are not so much that they get flagged up by Google as spamming.

Build Backlinks

Then comes the next critical stage of building links preferably to authoritative sites. The essence of building links is to show the search engines that your site is trustworthy and authoritative and that’s why other websites are linking to it. The more solid the reputation of your site the more likely it will show up on the first pages of search engines.

Monitor and Measure Your Campaign Success

You should define parameters for measuring the success of your SEO campaigns. Such parameters could include how many people click on your link, how many visits to your website, the average time spent on your website etc. Google analytics is a useful tool you can install on your site to analyze these important parameters.

4. Email marketing

E-mail marketing in Nigeria is a more streamlined approach to digital marketing performed by email whereby the recipient may or may not have given prior consent to receive promotional messages from your brand.

You could send cold emails to prospective customers. Once you’ve identified customers or businesses in Nigeria that may require your services, you could try reaching out to them by mail. The chances of engaging a customer by mail is highly dependent on the content of your email and this starts from the very subject of the mail. It has to be catchy and grab their interest otherwise they may not open it and even if they do. They may decide to relegate it to spam.

Alternatively, you could get consent create an opt-in form on your website asking prospects if they would be interested in receiving mails and newsletters from your business. This would likely improve the success of your email marketing strategy.

5. Photo sharing sites

One very key aspect of digital marketing strategies for heavy machinery manufacturers in Nigeria is the use of photos and yet more photos. This strategy cannot be overemphasized. Your prospects need to see visually what your company can offer them. Taking as many pictures as possible with a good smartphone camera and uploading them to photo-sharing sites like flicker that link back to your business website is a good way to engage your prospective clients in Nigeria. These photos are also indexed by the search engines and when customers type in queries like ‘heavy machinery manufacturers in Nigeria’ they could come up on the first page of the search engines.

6. Blog

Blogging is another way to keep your business relevant to both existing and potential customers. Ideally, your website should have a blog on it where you upload fresh content on a regular basis. This also helps with SEO as having more content that engages users makes your website obtain more relevance on the search engines.

Your blogs could be in the form of written content interspersed with lots of pictures or it could even be videos providing vital information to your clients.

7. Classified sites

There are several classified sites in Nigeria that you could upload pictures of your services to. Such classified sites provide an opportunity for you to advertise your business locally for free to a lot of people.

At we believe that a solid digital marketing strategy is a vital aspect of growing your business in today’s highly competitive market. The right marketing strategies require a multifaceted approach that is strategic and time-consuming. To start you out on an impactful digital marketing campaign tailored to your heavy machinery business in Nigeria, VIEW OUR MARKETING PACKAGES.