Digital Marketing for Utility Companies in Nigeria

It is no longer a secret that digital marketing is a very essential ingredient to the success of any business in Nigeria. While the traditional form of marketing is still working today, digital marketing for utility companies in Nigeria offers a lot more unprecedented results.

There is an increasing range of companies and services now vying for their next customer online. This is because; a lot of people now gather information about companies and their services online before taking the plunge. This is no less true in the utility industry.

Digital marketing for utility companies in Nigeria is somewhat an up-and-coming sport. This means that you can get ahead of the game if you start now.

Keep reading this utility companies digital marketing guide to discover how your business can take advantage of the internet to step up its marketing results.

1. Paid Search

More than ever before, people are gradually having more options when it comes to utility services. As a provider, you want to be rightly positioned with paid search. Paid search otherwise known as search engine marketing (SEM) refers to using paid ads to appear on pages of search engine results, also known as SERPs.

This form of Utility digital marketing in Nigeria allows you to reach potential customers right when they are looking for your service and ready to make a purchase. This means that the moment your potential customers begin their search for a utility company, search engines like Google put your ads/business right in front of them. This way, you have a strong chance of converting them and having them as your customers. No other digital marketing channel is able to do this.

All you need to do is bid on exactly what your potential customers will be looking for by-way-of keywords representing specific intent related to your services.

2. Social Networking Sites

The shift in consumer behavior and preference for social networking sites is shocking and increasingly becoming apparent even in the utility industry. Social networking sites are where a lot of people spend their time online. So if you want to reach them, you too must spend time there.

A lot of businesses in Nigeria are gradually moving to strategically align with this trend and leveraging its power to grow immensely. These businesses are increasingly incorporating their presence across popular. This activity is termed social media marketing.

Marketing on social networking sites allows you to engage your prospects, build a trusting relationship with them and in the end nurture loyalty. More than just better customer service, these channels also allow businesses to offer additional value to their prospects and customers. 

3. Forum Sites

Forum marketing in Nigeria is one traffic-building strategy to look out for. It has been around for quite a while, but has often been overlooked and misused. This form of marketing essentially involves sharing valuable information about topics related to your area of expertise and business on online forum sites and communities.

There are a lot of forum sites available online, depending on your niche and industry – you just choose a number of them. As you engage on these forums, you can drop a link back to your website in your post or the navigation. If other members find your information useful, they are likely to click on the link in the process and arrive at your website. 

More than just getting traffic from potential clients, marketing on forum sites also helps to obtain valuable feedback and insights from members who are in the same or similar trade. It can result in valuable relationships and opportunities for your business.

When done right, forum marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy and market research tool for utility companies in Nigeria.

4. Video Sites

Videos have over the years become an important tool for a digital marketing strategy. This is all thanks to video sites and the internet’s role as a primary media consumption tool.

Viewers are increasing craving for videos more than ever before. Research has it that consumers spend an average of 5.5 hours watching videos every day, and 20 percent of this time is spent on video sites watching video clips on the internet.

Videos are gradually becoming one of the most highly shared digital content across the web. Businesses in Nigeria who don’t want to be left behind on online marketing will have to make the transition.

Businesses can use videos in marketing and promoting their product or service, educating their customers and prospects, and increasing engagement on digital channels.

5. File Sharing Sites

File sharing is in recent times becoming a trend in Nigeria. It isn’t entirely a new thing though; it just has been ignored over the years, or maybe not given enough attention. There are a lot of file sharing sites and platforms that allow you to upload and share content. These sites have been discovered to register millions of users. This is good news for any business – of opening doors to the traffic of millions of active users on such sites.

This is a form of content marketing that enables you to engage, and provide valuable information to consumers. If valuable enough and helps to solve problems, these consumers are likely to convert into buying customers.

Uploading your content will require providing a tile and description of the file. It also allows you to provide links within the document. You can leverage this to get traffic and exposure through back-links to your website.

Bottom Line

From this utility companies digital marketing guide, you can see how digital marketing plays a great role in achieving success in any business in Nigeria. The question now is how do you do it effectively? A digital marketing agency in Nigeria is doubtless an invaluable partner to handle your internet marketing activities.

At Adhang, our digital marketing specialists employ numerous strategies including, but not limited to the above-mentioned, to help utility companies stay ahead of their competitors. Your business success is very important to our team and we would love to help in our best way possible. For digital marketing packages click here.