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Link building services in Nigeria by AdHang help your company, page, blog, or site to have a diversity of authority backlinks that help it to rank No.1 in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With over 15 years of experience in link building services in Africa, AdHang is the best backlink provider in Nigeria to help your company linked from thousands of sources; dominate search engines, and beat competitors in Nigeria or anywhere in Africa.

No toxic links; AdHang offers 100% good SEO backlink buildings in Nigeria that is Penguin safe, and get you results faster and easier.

Benefits AdHang’s Backlink Building Services in Nigeria Will Bring for Your Site/Page

link building service providers in Africa
  1. The back links put your pages at the No.1 of search engine and bring more traffics to your website.
  2. Enhance your website name visibility across the internet.
  3. Bring more links to your site to boost its ranking and beat competitors in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  4. The back links give more authority to your website in Nigeria or anywhere.
  5. Different sites in and outside Nigeria linking to your website give more credibility to your brand.

All these web linking benefits above and more show that the best linking building service is now within your reach in Nigeria, Africa. Therefore, as a Nigerian company or business interested in Nigeria/Africa can have your landing page or site linked to and ranked in the region faster and easier.

Distinguishing Features of AdHang’s Linking Services in Nigeria

  • Natural  link building; i.e., No-follow & Do-follow links
  • 100% White Hat SEO service
  • Linking sources consist of, news portals, article directories, Nigerian forums (contextual links), social networking sites, file sharing sites, wikis, and blogs
  • Low and high authority backlinks, high Page authority, Domain authority from 1 to 94 DA
  • Mixed anchor texts (up to 30 keywords and keyphrases)
  • Safe Penguin Friendly strategy and authentic backlinks that make your site/page ranks fast

The Link Building Packages in Nigeria, Africa

Starter Link Package

  • Links: 1000 backlinks
  • Keywords: 10 maximum
  • Url/Page: 2 maximum
  • Cost: $131

Basic Link Package

  • Links: 2000 backlinks
  • Keywords: 20 maximum
  • Url/Page: 4 maximum
  • Cost: $253

Standard Link Package

  • Links: 5000 backlinks
  • Keywords: 30 maximum
  • Url/Page: 6 maximum
  • Cost: $485

Premium Link Package

  • Links: 12, 000 backlinks
  • Keywords: 60 maximum
  • Url/Page: 12 maximum
  • Cost: $970

Premium Plus Link Package

  • Links: 30. 000 backlinks
  • Keywords: 120 maximum
  • Url/Page: 24 maximum
  • Cost: $1,900

Premium Gold Link Package

  • Links: 80,000 backlinks
  • Keywords: Unlimited
  • Url/Page: 50 maximum
  • Cost: $3,800

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does AdHang provide me a report of these backlinks?

Yes, AdHang will provide you a complete report of all these backlinks that will show all the sites, active links, and anchor texts.

Are these backlinks permanent?

Yes, all links built from our agency will be permanent in all the sources.

What guarantee do I have to get all the links and ranking increase

AdHang is 15+ years link building company in Nigeria without any delivery issue. You will get a complete number of backlinks in the link package you ordered and the links will be forever online. All backlinks from the above link packages are safe and will help you to improve your website ranking. Typically, you will see ranking results after 4 to 8 weeks of the link campaign completion.

Would my site get to the No. 1 or first-page on Google, Yahoo, and Bing?

The No.1 or first-page ranking in search engines is directly dependent on factors such as backlinks done before, the current ranking, on-page optimization, and competitors’ activities. Do not expect the first-page ranking in search engines with a single campaign for highly competitive keywords in Africa, rather your site will need at least 4 to 5 campaigns to get to 1st page on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Is your back link services in Nigeria only for Nigeria's market?

No, AdHang’s link-building services are not only for Nigeria, the link-building packages are for all countries from African countries like Ghana, South Africa, and Uganda to nations globally. AdHang is a top link building company in Africa and beyond.

Will I get 1000 unique referring domains or how many?

You can get unique 1000+ or 500 referring domains on Starter to Standard Package, while 12, 000+ in any of the Premium packages. In other words, you get at least 50% of unique referring domains from any of the total links in the package. Ofcourse AdHang can offer 100% unique domains linkings if you prefer.

What assurance do I have that the domains will not hurt my website? 

We use good domains ONLY and don’t use any toxic domains. These link services are used on our site too to get ranking results, you can see AdHang ranks on Google: No. 1 “link services in Nigeria”, “link building services in Africa”, etc. Also, no black hat link building or toxic links like direct blog comments, and forum profile links to your website and pages.

PLEASE if your website is new, do let us know ( from one day to six months website).

What kind of websites will you be using?

To ensure great results we use a mixture of sites such as news sites, blogs, forums, wikis, social networking sites, news aggregators, file sharing sites, portals, article directories, etc.

Does my niche determine the kind of website that will link to my site?

No. But for good and safe links, our SEO experts link from contents and posts that are relevant to your niche and site in particular.

What information will you need from me to do the job?

1. Your URLs.
2. The keywords.
3. And make your payment (you can pay in Naira or dollar).

How would I get started with your link building services?

To get started with AdHang’s link building services:

1. choose a linking campaign package and how many campaigns.

2. your website and pages.

3. currency you want to pay with, and when to start the link building campaign. Then forward all the detail using the contact form below.

For further questions or to get your link building in Nigeria started, use the form below to contact the agency.


As the leading backlinks building agency in Nigeria and award-winning digital agency, AdHang is the perfect partner for your link building campaigns in Nigeria, Africa.

AdHang’s Link building Process

  • Give your Link Building Detail

At this stage, you send your linking building objectives (e.g., digital PR purpose or top ranking in the search engine, etc), your website, landing pages, and keywords your website/pages are targeting in Nigeria, etc.

  • Link Building Planning

At this state, AdHang’s link building experts in Nigeria will study your linking brief; analyze your website and its landing pages, map out link building strategies and embark on link building campaigns.

  • Link Building Works

At this phase, AdHang’s link building SEO experts will start building links to your website and its pages across the internet. The links are built to rank your pages to the No.1 on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. All the terms, conditions, and best practices of search engines are maintained.

  • Link Building Report

This is the final stage of the link building completion phase, AdHang’s link builders will profile all the platforms (blogs, online forums, wikis, social networking websites, news, etc) and specific live links from sources that are linked to your pages and send them to you to verify.

seo links building services in Nigeria with affordable prices and packages

3 Simple Reasons AdHang’s links builders in Nigeria are Preferred by Companies

  1. AdHang’s links builders are SEO experts, ambitious and goal-driven digital strategists always striving for perfection in the SEO industry in Africa. AdHang offers unparalleled local SEO Marketing Plans in Nigeria, Reputation Management, and Web Design Services.
  2. AdHang’s link-building SEO packages in Nigeria are affordable and our agency only uses the best and proven search engine marketing and social media marketing techniques and strategies that are trusted by top companies in Nigeria.  AdHang as the leading link-building service provider in Nigeria understands the best way to deliver a successful link-building service is by building relationships, achieving marketing goals, not just web links.
  3. AdHang’s linking building experts in Nigeria will help your company irrespective of the industry and niche in Nigeria. AdHang offers affordable link building services in Nigeria to companies in different industries and sectors ranging from Finance, Education, Technology, Health, to Hospitality, and Real Estates, Construction, and many more.

Hire the best link building company in Nigeria today!