Online Advertising Agency in LagosOnline digital marketing agencies are created to help companies and businesses such as profits oriented enterprises; organizations such as NGOs and institutions such as schools, churches and governments at all level to achieve their online marketing goals. There are many functions of digital marketing agency; this article looks into some of main functions of internet marketing agency.




Research: Research is one of key functions of digital marketing agency. Is important that before any digital marketing starts, there should be a clear understanding of what is going-on in the marketing environment out there and things to expect, such as competitors, oppositions, industrial regulations, people’s belief, politics and technologies which will be reviewed through situation analysis.

In marketing there is what is called SWOT (which stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat), Swot is part of situation analysis. The situation analysis will answer questions such as who are the audiences, where are they and what is their life style and media preferences; rivals: what are their strength and weaknesses, what is their strategy and how strong it’s compare to us; what is political threat or government regulation concern our niche, etc. Research will clearly show where the business stands in the marketplace and where it should go. For event and NGO internet advertising, the organization will know effective methods to communicate to the audiences in order to achieve the goals.


advert campaign agencyPlanning: Planning is one of functions of digital marketing agency; agency will help you organize campaigns, structure the blue-print and draw out road map and strategies to reach your goals. Planning will detail all the objectives and goals of the organization, including budgets, target audiences, duration of the campaigns, and tactical approach to employ, among others. Planning is bedrock of digital marketing and requires experience agency like AdHang to help you plan your online marketing using bottom-up approach.

If you use AdHang for your digital marketing you must have seen AdHang brief-template which is meant to guide company to have adequate digital advertising planning. With the template you fill all the questions to get you started while AdHang team helps you complete the remaining. Adequate planning is a key factor for digital marketing success, therefore is one of functions of an agency.


marketing agency NigeriaCopy-writing: Copy-writing is one of functions of digital marketing agency. To develop messages and appeals require digital advertisement experts to convey the meaning to consumers, potential buyers, Nigeria’s populace or any targeted group that meet your organizations criteria.

Internet marketing agency will help you write copies in areas such as ads copy, articles, news letter, emails campaign messages, advert headlines, press release, case studies, script message, white paper, proposals, frequent asked questions, manuals, product descriptions, among others. It all depends on the situation and aims your organization wants to achieve, the agency will use its expertise to write a copy to convey the value to your organization’s target audience efficiently and effectively.

advert agency NigeriaDesigns: When a copy-write is prepared, most of them need to be incorporated into different digital advertising formats such as banners, info-graph, videos, etc. This is where designs come in. Design is one of core functions of digital marketing agency; agency will help you draw and design numerous works to communicate to an audience, some of designs agency can help you carry out are website, social media fan page, headline banners, graphics, multi-media slide, presentations, demonstrative images, cartoons, funny drawings just to name a few.

Agency does have creative gurus that can come up with concept that not only catches attention but gets audience to take actions such as buy, call for inquiries, pass message to others, click download, recommend your product, visit website or offline office, change behavior, etc.

digital advertising agencyPlatform selection: There are billions of web pages around the internet and hundreds of millions of online platforms in existent in the web. Selecting one(s) to effectively achieve aims isn’t something amateur can do. Isn’t uncommon to company or organization to choose platforms because they’re popular, being used by competitors or because a platform advert rates is cheap.

In some cases, while above factors are necessary, however, isn’t sufficient to attain a good height or achieve goals, because right choice of platforms can be the only competitive advantage over rivals. For example, when most companies and organizations hear social media marketing they think about it in terms of facebook, twitter, linkedin, even All these platforms are under one category of social media called social networking; whereas there are at least seven other categories of social media on internet.

For example, there’re social media categories such as online Forums, Wikis, News aggregators, File sharing, Photo sharing, among others. Each of this categories have millions of platforms existing in them. Not to mention, in addition, there are 6 element of online digital marketing, social media is just one out of the six. Each of these elements and categories have strengths and weaknesses. Platform selection is one of functions of online digital marketing agency; agencies use their expertise to select platforms that will achieve set goals faster and easier.

Online digital marketing NigeriaProduction: Producing digital advertising materials and tools is one of functions of digital marketing agency. AdHang for example has produced series of videos for numerous clients both local and international in different niches. After planning, research, copy-writing and platform selected; all the digital marketing tools needed to carry out the marketing campaigns need to be produced to meet specifications of all the platforms and international advertising regulations.

It’s the function of a digital marketing agency to produce creative works that meet international standard at the same time achieve the expected goals of organization. Production aspect of digital marketing is very vital, as it’s one of determinant of success or failure of campaigns. People are moved by what they see; if poor production is done, it will definitely affect the image of the brand, and thus will hamper positive response of the target audiences.

campaigns agencyCampaign management: Online digital marketing campaign management is core function of digital marketing agency. Online campaigns don’t exist in isolation, all the advert you see online today are being managed by digital campaign managers. As mentioned earlier: there are at least seven categories of social media, and there are six components/elements of digital marketing, each of them requires experts at that area to effectively harness their strengths and minimize weaknesses.

In online digital marketing there are six elements which are: content marketing, mobile marketing, influencers marketing, online display, and search engine marketing and of-course social media marketing. Online marketing agency like AdHang has experts at all these levels; as such when you hire the agency you will be helped to effectively manage your campaigns whether for a simple or complex marketing project.

Online digital marketingCampaign monitoring and Evaluation: Online digital marketing campaigns are not to set and forget (even marketing automation tools need to be monitored). Campaign monitoring and evaluation is required daily to ensure that all the marketing activities are consistent with plans and set goals.

It’s important to mention that when a campaign is started any thing can come up along the line such as competitors’ move, which might require change in campaign strategic or tactical approach. Also, campaigns might need to be adjusted to meet the taste of time or optimize for better performance, among others. To effectively know how and when to optimize campaign requires gathering of data and evaluation; then execution. Thus, campaign monitoring and evaluation is one of functions of online digital marketing agency.


If you’re in need of an online digital marketing agency in Nigeria to help you do all the above and beyond consider