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While marketing pose the most important aspect of any enterprise due to the fact that it gives your brand the leverage to divert and capture your audience’s attention for the end result of sales; there exist two types of marketing. The Digital Marketing and the Traditional Marketing are both distinct approaches toward a company’s products and services promotion. Over 15,000 businesses, enterprises, and companies in Nigeria are now seeing great yield in results of quantifiable Returns On Investments and simultaneously enhancing interpersonal feedback dissemination amongst target audiences, based on certain interests and perceived customer behaviors by simply utilizing one of these marketing strategies. As you read through this article; you’d spontaneously figure out which marketing strategy is best for your company or brand and ultimately make the comparison as I take you on how digital marketing is different from traditional marketing.


•What Is Traditional Marketing?

  • Advantages Of Traditional Marketing
  • Disadvantages Of Traditional Marketing

•What Is Digital Marketing?

  • Advantages Of Digital Marketing
  • Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing

•How Digital Marketing is Different From Traditional Marketing?


Traditional marketing in Nigeria utilizes a mass media marketing strategy that employs traditional advertising channels like newspapers, magazines, posters, flyers, billboards, radio, television amongst others to promote products and services to reach and engage target customers in a sublime persuasive approach. Despite its high cost, it still proves less productive compare to digital marketing.

Even with its age-long credibility of effectiveness in brand creation, conventional marketing still proves less productive despite its high costs.

  • Advantages Of Traditional Marketing
  • According to research, traditional marketing proves effective in reaching the older demographic as viewers aged 55 upwards, expend almost twice as much time reading newspapers and watching television as younger adults of 21 to 35.
  • Traditional marketing technique is employed by enterprises looking to grow their local audience instead of competing the digital space with bigger organizations, small businesses are better suited to contending for attention via fliers, billboards, and city or community storms.
  • While radio or television ads repeatedly remind the audience of the company subliminally even against their wish; Digital marketing items could be avoided and blocked by clicking ”Do not show this” on typical social media ads, or by skipping pop up ads prior to YouTube video.
  • Disadvantages Of Traditional Marketing
  • Sending postcards to local audiences could be costly in Nigeria, without guarantee of recipient’s interest in your ads.
  • When you traditional marketing strategy produces results in days or weeks as no feedback to track wether someone read your newspaper ads until you are contacted.


Digital marketing is a modern marketing approach whereby organizations employ digital advertising means including; social media platforms, search engines, video marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, infuencer marketing, pushed notifications and many others for their products or services promotion in order to reach, engage and track their target audience effectiveness based on customer behaviors and interests via data feedbacks to escalate sales. It is a far lesser expensive means of marketing in Nigeria.

  • Advantages Of Digital Marketing
  • Data for audience participation are tracked in real-time. When links are clicked that; opens an email, leads to your site, or even follows you on social media, you get an instant notification.
  • Tracked data can provide several insights as to which type of product works best for a certain audience, the most effective channels, or the time of day that  produces the most audience engagement.
  • Digital marketing are far cheaper compared to printing individual postcards and paying for postages on each as one single email covers all of that and saves you good money in reaching your globally dispersed audiences.
  • Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing
  •  Although new technologies and trends emerge rapidly, the success of digital marketing methods require consistent reassessment.

Only digital marketing agencies can keep up with the pace.

  • Ads can be blocked or removed.


  1. In Terms Of Cost:

Traditional marketing costs more while Digital marketing is a low cost way of product promotion in Nigeria.

  • In Terms Of Contact Coverage:

Traditional marketing only allows for one way contact between the advertiser and the audience. While Digital Marketing allows brands and audiences to communicate in both directions weather in Nigeria or beyond.

  • In Terms Of Out Reach:

Traditional marketing in Nigeria is restricted to certain geographical areas either by circulation (newspaper, handbill, etc), proximity (Billboard) or signal (television, Radio, etc); while digital marketing can promote brands worldwide simultaneously.

  • In Terms Of Timing:

Traditional marketing in Nigeria is time-consuming while Digital marketing requires lesser time.

  • In Terms Of ROI:

The Return On Investment of traditional marketing is minimal. While The Return On Investment of digital marketing in Nigeria is sporadically high.