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I just want to give a brief explanation of how AdHang performs the agency’s digital marketing functions.  Writing of this explanation was inspired when I saw that some people were using search engines to search for questions like the function of AdHang, how does AdHang perform their functions, etc?

Let’s start with what AdHang is all about: is a world-class digital marketing agency in Nigeria, manned by some of the biggest digital monetization, optimization, and ads targeting experts in the digital marketing industry, armed with the very best and most advanced, comprehensive and robust set of technologies and tools. 

AdHang can help business owners to create adverts and advertise products or services online; assist events’ organizers to run internet event publicity, facilitate political parties to campaign for elections, aid public figures to attract supports, fans, build or repair public opinions via online; be of assistance to an institution such as schools, churches, and government agencies to create awareness and enlighten the public, etc. 

Now back to the main question. How does AdHang perform its functions?

First, AdHang will like to know what you want to achieve whether as a business, event organizer, politician or government agency, etc. Your organization’s objective can be to create awareness, educate a target audience, run reminder advertising, increase sales, reinforce benefits or values, etc. The target audience, duration of the campaign, budgets. To make it easy to answer these initial questions, AdHang has a brief template you can download, fill and email it back to the agency.

Once this initial stage or data is gotten, AdHang will carry out what is called situation analysis. The situation analysis will look into so many variables, which will also include strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the organizations compare to rivals or anything that will distract or hamper the message the entity is trying to pass. Depending on insights and things uncovered from the studies, at this time the agency will know where your organization stands in the eyes of the target audience and where it should go.

Next stage, AdHang’s divergent professionals will be assembled to work on your project.  Professionals such as copy-writers will write headlines and ads copies; creative designers will design internet banners, info-graphics and select exemplify images; advertising administrators choose platforms, communication channels, and so on. It all depends on the plan your organization chooses from the agency’s packages. At this stage, every creative work will be emailed to your organization, for review and approval before they go live. Then the campaign administrator will pay all the online platforms, within 24 hours you will see your organization’s ads and campaigns all over the internet ( at least on the platforms in the plan).

This is a summary of how AdHang performs its functions, clicks here to hire AdHang.

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