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It could be said that the National cake has become a birthday cake shared only by family and friends. Nigeria is proudly blessed, oil wells bountiful and agriculture; yet it is sad that there are no oil wells in our government houses- our leaders are not among our natural resources- they  are not helping the electorates, the voters populace.

Therefore politics have gathered the focus as the general electorates imagine salivate the milk and honey of the Promised Land since it is seeming as not a dividend of our democracy. Thus almost everyone is going into politics as everyone is a chemist of himself thinking he has the drug to heal the nation. But as a politician your political drug (which you think would heal the nation) would never get a NAFDAC number (electorate support) if you hide it in your bedroom. You have to make your blueprint for the nation public so that with every ear that hears your message- for brick- you could build the political edifice (dreams) you so desire. The politician who is shy is mantle-allergic!

But in a nation of over 150 million people, are you going to meet every Nigerian personally and physically to send your message across. Well, if you try it, before you get to the last Nigerian physically, the first you met might have forgotten he met you. You should understand that those in power today are not those with the most vibrant governmental plans but those whose plans were most publicized. Household politicians (the big shots) do not have their effigies in every household- no, they blew the right trumpets and people got to know about them. Even those of the big politicians that did window dressing did so at selected windows that had a large viewing audience but have you thought how Nigeria’s political party can campaign online with Nigerian online ads for political party

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Nowadays, you must have heard it that the world is now a global village. The largest city in the world is no longer New York, it is the INTERNET. The internet can be said to be the biggest “digital metropolis” in the globe. Daily internet traffic is amazing. The lips of the owners of service providers like MTN, GLO is never dry, because the Nigerian percentage of the global internet traffic is always giving them reasons to lick their lips in joy. Then if this is said, it is clear that where the loudest trumpets are kept in the internet that you could blow to gather your audience, if there is where a politician should build his studio to sing his name loudly- it is the internet. Online political campaigns are acceptably the newest and effective medium to send your message across with trendy Nigerian online ads for political parties. Building beaming online auditoriums in the internet where you send your voice to a beaming audience of browsers is a big gain. What more online campaign can send the message to a turban as well as an Aso Oke, what I mean is that a Nigerian online ads for political party would tend to have the same effect on a Hausa man as much as it would do to a Yoruba man- compared to the physical presence of the politician himself.

What makes this more appetizing is that it is the target audience of every politician is exactly who visits the internet. Does an eighty year granny type “www” as much as a twenty-eight year old youth? If you say yes, then I am expecting you to tell me next that the Pope goes to nightclubs in Vatican. Of course, youths visit the internet more. Well, if you don’t your political career to get to a forced menopause and stop giving birth to your dreams, then you should invest in having a youthful audience. This is what makes Nigerian political promotion online the super bomb. For every cost you incur in trying to bring your name and message closer to a youthful earlobe, take it as a premium you pay in an insurance for your political career- because every youth you win is your political indemnification. You get this? Of course, you will agree with me that a powerful political campaign (with detailed Nigerian political party internet campaign guide alongside internet campaign steps) would conscript enough personnel for your army of followers. Instead of trying to get to the extremes of the country to send your message- the painstaking costs of transportation and logistics. Don’t you think it is cheaper for the extremes of the country to get transported to your message on cheap MB (megabytes) than the demanding traditional process of going to meet them physically? For sure we have internet connections in the creeks as well as in the plains.

In the international arena, this is not a new move that is particularly Nigerian. Allow me to say this is still imported political technology as it is long ingrained in western culture since the world is tilting towards an online angle hence Jumia and Konga are selling more than my mother who has opened a boutique decades ago. Our western peers have long accepted the culture of online political advertising in the form of political promotion online. Taking the statistics, in 2011, Internet advertising revenues in the United States surpassed those of cable television and nearly exceeded those of broadcast television. In 2013, Internet advertising revenues in the United States totaled $42.8 billion, a 17% increase over the $36.57 billion in revenues in 2012. U.S. internet ad revenue hit a historic high of $20.1 billion for the first half of 2013, up 18% over the same period in 2012. In 2012, the online political advertising spending in the United States amounted to 14.1 billion U.S. dollars. So the big question that politicians in the US are paying to pay a handsome $14.1bn if they don’t know what they stand to get as returns? Then for the Nigerian version, Nigerian political promotion online would be the big hit.

Now, you are convinced, what online advertising agency, to be precise, what online political party ads agency would do this online political campaign better? Talking how Nigeria’s political parties can campaign online. would do the job and even more making your expectation an understatement of their advertising capacity. which is an online political party ads agency boasts a Nigerian political party internet campaign guide alongside a detailed internet campaign steps If you want the amount of exposure and audience that could make the great orator Obama’s skin a booming plantation of goose pimples, try Adhang inarguably in the forefront as to online political party ads agency runs adverts in Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Adcenter, Microsoft, the sponsors section of Facebook and even other global online sources with very appealing Nigerian online ads for political party. notably a formidable online political party ads agency produces adequately appropriate online links, as well as designs appealing online banner arts in lovely sizes, well developed online campaigns employing very formidable internet’s promotional elements so that your advert is shown in popular high traffic platforms. If you try, would you a man in France knows about your campaign to become a councilor? Of course, the international presence of Adhang (renowned for its online political party ads agency capacity) makes this a big possibility. boasts a powerful Facebook presence as well as promotional vehemence in Vanguard, the famous Cokoye, Tribune even Bing which serves Microsoft Adcenter, if you know what this means, then you will understand that lacking voters is as hard as selling a rosary in Mecca.

Political election advertising guide in Nigeria

Adhang writers are the best when it comes to cooks of words. With their writing ink for savory spice they are up to the task for cooking your message into a delicacy the electorates would relish. Getting a Nigerian political party internet campaign guide, with a internet campaign steps is a smaller deal than you thought with well revered for its Nigerian political promotion online.

You might have been watching politicians win elections and you yearn to know what it feels like to be in the winner’s shoe. Well, sews the winner’s shoe and you can wear it if you advertise with us!

The writers know the job of Nigerian political promotion online more than the back of their palms. They have articles on over 100 online directories. Is this enough? No, don’t you want more votes with the wonder that that presents the politician with over 500 online press release media as well as more than 20 video sharing websites. Well it is no surprise one mistakes your name (as a politician) for his surname because he has been hearing it too much due to a consistent, aggressive Nigerian political promotion online, Adhang feeds to the electorate public with well stewed and peppered Nigerian online ads for political parties.

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