Election Campaign Management Services in Nigeria

Give your political campaigns good starting points, and win the upcoming election by employing the full suite of AdHang’s election campaign services in Nigeria. There are different political campaigns services in Nigeria AdHang has designed to help you win the upcoming election; whether for presidential, national assembly, or gubernatorial.  

AdHang is comprised of political campaign professionals in Nigeria who are trained to help you win an election anytime, any day.

Listed below are some of the political campaign services and links to read the full package:

Pre –election campaign service

In Nigeria’s electoral processes there are rules of engagements, one of them being no campaigning until a particular period, often 3 months before Election Day. This rule often favors popular candidates and those who have billions to spend in their campaigns. Fortunately, before the campaign window, this pre-election campaign management service can engage the masses, and let them know who you are, your ideas, vision and why you exist to serve them, etc. This pre-campaign service will help you gather momentum for the next election ahead of time, click here for the full detail.

Government achievements so far

No matter how great an administrator is in developing the state, or the level of achievements of an incumbent, there are possibility millions of masses do not know those accomplishments exist let alone their benefits.  This political campaign management service not only helps you communicate your achievements to potential voters; it helps you let the public and taxpayers see the accomplishments of the current administrator. Click here.

The political campaign

Are you set to start a political campaign on a full scale?  This campaign management service is for you, it is a full option digital political campaign meant to help you campaign around the clock and win the upcoming election. Click here.

Political campaign website design

The main starting point for a political aspirant is not a social media handle, but having a website of your candidacy. This further demonstrates seriousness in the eyes of electorates and will serve as a platform for meeting you online; hosting your political contents such videos, press releases, bio, reasons to join you, and so on. To get your political website designed and professionally built. Click here.

Political posters design and printing

Posters’ design and printing for politics need no explanation. Election campaign posters are needed for the street to street awareness. Click here.

Campaign traditional media buying

Reach huge masses for election campaigns through Radio, TV, Newspapers, etc. Click here.

Political Communications Solutions in Nigeria

Political communication experts offering effective election campaign management services in Nigeria.