REACH VOTERS ONLINE IN NIGERIA is an internet advertising agency that specializes in online campaigns and commercial messages. Our agency can help a politician/political party in engaging Nigerian citizens, electorate, residents, and Nigerians outside the country via the internet using all major platforms at once.  AdHang will enable you as a politician to reach millions of Nigerian voters, citizens, and members of the public on the internet at a go.  AdHang has advanced techniques, and strategies to bring about rapid change in the habits and attitudes of the public. AdHang can help you persuade, influence the general public, and carry out public enlightenment on any given issue.

AdHang is made up of world-class professionals, and uses ethical means and employs all online powerful platforms and methods at once, and under one contract.  Listed below are some of the sites/methods:

  1. Google and its millions of its partner’s websites.
  2. Facebook sponsored advert.
  3. Linkedin sponsored advert.
  4. banner advert.
  5. Yahoo and its thousands of partner’s websites.
  6. banner advert.
  7. Bing (Microsoft Adcenter) and its network of websites and partners.
  8. Vanguard newspaper online banner advert.
  9. Tribune newspaper online banner advert.
  10. Presentation creation, and publication on world popular presentation websites such as,,, and
  11. Writing an educative article, and distributing it to hundreds of online article directories, and wikis.
  12. Educative article posting to tens of Nigeria’s online forums.
  13. Writing press releases,  and distributing to online press release publication sites.
  14. Creating short online videos, and distributing to tens of online video sharing websites, such as,,,,,,, etc.
  15. Online banner in sizes, etc.

AdHang will receive information from the political party, or its candidate: picture, manifesto, messages, public guide line/notice, party slogan/quote, benefits for voting the party, etc.  Then all these will be used to plan,  strategize, and design the online campaign formats and have them displaying to tens of millions of Nigerians on daily basis, all over the internet.

This is different from having a website, or Facebook page, page, Twitter account/handle. Because, all these methods come to use only when people remember to visit them, tell to, or search for them.  AdHang is a proactive way to reach millions of citizens at home and abroad, residents, or Nigeria’s populace. Once Nigerians log on the internet, they will see the candidate/political party’s messages, as they will be displaying on tens of thousands of websites all at once in a particular state, or across Nigeria.

No better existing way in the country to reach millions of Nigerians on the internet than using AdHang. The longer you wait, the faster your opponents will claim the space and run with it.  Our agency will be committed to working with the party to achieve its campaign goals and win voters’ attention away from the opponents. For full election campaign management services in Nigeria click here.