Online advertising is a great way companies can reach their target customers, potential users, and intermediaries such as distributors, wholesalers, retailer and resellers. There are numerous online advertising methods in Nigeria, and across the globe. Different industries value different methods of online advertising, which means what is preferable in one industry, might be different from… Read More

I strongly believe the time has come for Nigerian businesses, event organizers, and institutions to go advanced in their digital marketing campaigns. Marketing has been existing before the advent of the internet and the concept of marketing hasn’t changed, marketing is all about satisfying consumers profitably. In Nigeria, it is high time digital marketing/advertising moves… Read More

AdHang is a leading Content marketing services provider in Africa and content creation is one of the core services of the agency’s digital marketing services. Content marketing is so essential that you can’t talk about internet promotion in Africa without mentioning content marketing. Because, without content, there is nothing to share on forums, blogs, emails… Read More

  What is Banner Advertising? We are used to the term banners on offline concept to refer to advertisement billboards that are placed to gain attention of the people. In the same way, the promotion method by which graphical representations are placed on websites on the top, bottom or side locations, are known as internet… Read More

  What is Article Marketing? Making use of articles to sell products working as a mode of advertisement have been in use since the time the mass print media gained popularity. Newspapers have been the main mode of traditional print marketing with businesses submitting articles for the business page with reference to the name of… Read More

Digital marketing planning and strategy is an e-book written for companies, organizations, and marketing practitioners to help them in planning and strategic digital marketing activities. The eBook outlined, and responded to details of online digital marketing and planning in current digital marketing field today. Whether you base in Nigeria/Africa, or outside the Africa’s continent, the… Read More

Digital marketing planning is the process of thinking about and organizing the digital marketing activities required to achieve desired online marketing goals such as getting subscribers, leads, downloads, etc. This digital marketing planning article guides you in planning digital marketing campaigns. Outlined below are the main things to include in your digital marketing planning. Segment In… Read More

 Nigerian Seminar Programs Organizers’ Internet Advertising Guide In the advancing technological world we are in today, many seminar organizers are increasingly exploring more effective ways of promoting their programs. The more savvy ones have found their publicity strategy more productive using the internet, because that’s where the money is. With the help of Internet campaign,… Read More

Proper graphics and website designs are only just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to successful online marketing of services for real estate firms. A trusted professional and experienced company that specializes in online advertisements is ideally what a real estate firm would require in order to maximize their online presence and sales… Read More

AdHang is the finest destination for any Nigeria’s movie marketer looking for an online movie advertising agency in Nigeria.  AdHang’s cutting-edge techniques for online advertising combined with the talents and dedication of the professional team is all you need to command an online presence for all your videos and movies. The video online ads agency … Read More