How to Build High-Quality Backlinks in Nigeria
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A major concern digital marketers in Nigeria have with their link-building strategies is that a strategy that may work in one niche may not work for another. This is true in some cases.

For instance, the link-building strategy for gambling websites may not be effective for health and wellness niches. That being said, the link-building strategies you will discover in this post works for most industries in Nigeria.

Before we dive into how to build high-quality backlinks in Nigeria, it’s important to know if you’re using the best link-building strategy for your business. Below are questions you should ask yourself to determine if you’re using the right link-building strategy:

  • Is it easy or hard to build links in your niche?
  • How competitive are the keywords you want to rank for?
  • Which pages do you want to rank?
  • Is your business local or international?
  • Can you build these links yourself or would you rather outsource it?

Answering these questions will take you closer to your link-building strategy. Now, let’s go into how to build high-quality backlinks in Nigeria.

How to Build High-Quality Backlinks

Below, you will discover how to build lots of high-quality backlinks in Nigeria.

1. Build strong blogger relationships

This is one of the ways to build high-quality backlinks in Nigeria. Start with your already established relationships. Approach bloggers and influencers you already have a relationship with and ask them to link to your site. Based on your already established relationship, this will be very easy to get.

2. High-quality guest posting

A guest post is a link-building strategy that involves you writing content for a website similar to yours in an attempt to link to your site from that content. Note that it’s easy to write for low-quality blogs. Instead of wasting your time, focus on writing for high-quality websites in Nigeria that will move the needle for your website.

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Link building Tips for companies in Nigeria

3. Cold outreach

Some sites link to your competitor’s websites. Find those sites and find a way to get them to link to your site.

Use tools like Ahref and Semrush to find a list of these sites that are already linking to your competitor’s sites. Then, use tools like PitchBox and Buzzstream to find the email addresses you can send your pitch to.

4. Skyscraping posts for top sites

This strategy involves finding the top sites for a particular keyword. Research the best content around the best three sites in Nigeria. Then, you create content around that keyword that is better than what they have. Finally, you reach out to the owners of these sites asking them to link to your article.

5. Use statistics

People like to link to content that has the word ‘statistics’ in it. Bloggers in Nigeria are always looking for sources and data to link to in their new content. You can take advantage of this by creating content about statistics in your industry. You can earn a link without even asking for it.


Link building remains one of the best ways to get more traffic to your website in Nigeria, no matter the niche. Understand the best areas of your website so that you can tailor your link-building approach effectively.

Asking the right questions will help you create the most suitable link-building strategy for your website.