How to Market Real Estate in Nigeria

How to effectively market Real estate in Nigeria online is a common question real estate developers, agents, and owners ask. Online marketing of real estate has come to stay, the problem is that many real estate companies/dealers do not know how to really leverage the internet to reach target clients, build brand awareness, and stimulate leads and sales.

Today, we will be looking at ways real estate can be marketed in Nigeria online,  get a huge return on investment when done right, and dominate the real estate market in Nigeria. Whether you are looking for how to marketing real estate in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, PortHarcourt, or any region; the 6 real estate marketing strategies in Nigeria are applicable anywhere.

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Listed below are the 6 ways and strategies on how to market real estate in Nigeria and sell properties online.

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1. Online display advertising: online banner display is one of the ways to let the target real estate buyers know about your properties. To do this you need to write a call to action ads copy, design online banners in sizes, and pay to place them on selected internet sites where real estate target buyers and renters can be found. This is the common way to sell properties online in Nigeria.
I know there are free property advertising sites in Nigeria, but free real estate listing sites in Nigeria are frequently used by scammers, as a result, buyers are skeptical on patronizing real estate agent/company that relies on free listings only. So, your company should pay for real estate’s internet advertising banners to display across multiple websites to complement marketing efforts and foster trust.

2. Content marketing: content marketing involves so many strategies and tools and is a great way on how to market real estate in Nigeria online. On this you can write sales posts and post them across sites online; write a press release about your real estate, make case studies, design infographics, and online presentation, and distribute them across the internet; also you can create videos and send bulk emails.
Content marketing helps to educate the target buyers, and renters and make them understand the properties, services or offerings very well, foster their confidence and assist them in making an informed decision. It will also serve as reference points online, and make it easier to share, like, bookmark or recommend the properties or services online right-away to other real estate’s investors, buyers, or renters.

3. Social media marketing: social media marketing will help you create brand popularity and expose your offer to millions of Nigerians. When I say social media, I am not referring to a particular site. There are at least 6 categories of social media; each of the categories has thousands of platforms existing in them.   Social media categories are social networking, wikis, file sharing, photo sharing, online forums, video sites, and news aggregators. You choose the ones that fit into your real estate business and use them; you can combine both free and paid sponsored ads for maximum results.
Social media advertising mostly provides the ability to target buyers, investors and renters by demographics, and psychographics. Essentially it works well to generate properties’ awareness (the prospect never knew this property existed but I might be interested), interest (prospect may have thought this but now I’m interested), evaluate (prospect chooses to consider and study the offer), and even decide on the property or service. This is part of AdHang’s A.I.E.D.A. marketing funnel.

4. Mobile marketing:  mobile marketing is one of the real estate marketing strategies in Nigeria. Mobile marketing for real estate is a good strategy to reach Nigerian properties’ buyers, renters, and prospects across any state, or entire Nigeria. Apart from making engaging headlines and creating mini banners for mobile users; sending text messages targeted at particular individuals are some of the mobile real estate marketing strategies in Nigeria.

5. Search engine marketing: many Nigerian real estate buyers use search engines to look for properties to buy and real estate companies to work with. A search engine is an effective strategy on how to market real estate in Nigeria online. You can use search engine optimization for organic display and can pay for ads display to search engine’s companies.
Search engine marketing can be used to find potential clients that are actively seeking to buy, rent or invest NOW based on their online browsing behaviors and search queries (keywords/phrases and types of sites visit, shopping pattern, etc) or to just generate awareness and interest.

6. Influencers marketing: influencers marketing has gradually become a good strategic and effective real estate marketing technique. This has to do with having opinion leaders, bloggers and news portal’s editors to talk, recommend and write/post about your real estate on their websites.

These are how to market real estate, and sell properties online in Nigeria.  Each of the above methods can be extended more –  depending on the company’s budget, duration of the marketing, competitors’ activities and how aggressive the company wants its real estate marketing to go online. To dominate the real estate market in Nigeria in terms of brand recognition, name recall in the industry, fostering buyers’ trust and sales; you need to combine all the marketing methods and run them consistently.

What should you do now to start your real estate marketing in Nigeria?

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How to Market Real Estate in Nigeria