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AdHang can help you aggressively and effectively market your real estate business online in Nigeria – from marketing planning, and online advert creation on multiple websites, to property marketing management all over the internet.

Wherever properties’ investors and buyers consume information online – in social media, news sites, search engines, blogs…via desktop, laptop, phablet, tablet, smartphone…we reach them.  

Why Hire AdHang for Your Real Estate Online Marketing in Nigeria

When hired, using 15+ years of experience in digital marketing in Nigeria, listed below are some objectives AdHang can help you achieve

  1. Create awareness and educate prospects about your property in particular states, e.g., Lagos, Abuja, etc.
  2. Selling, leasing, and renting properties constantly.
  3. Educating prospects about your other real estate company’s services, e.g., developing, managing, and buying properties.
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Real Estate Online Marketing Packages in Nigeria

With years of experience in real estate digital marketing in Nigeria; AdHang has three Nigerian real estate digital marketing packages to choose from. Below are the packages: 

Starter Package

This option includes:

1. Internet banner advert on (adverts will be displayed all over the posts made on the blog ).

2. Internet banner advert on (displaying your property on all over the news contents).
3. Internet banner advert on (internet banners will display all over the sections, homepage, and discussions on the forum).
4. Internet banner advert on (adverts will be displayed all over the social networking site).
5. Internet banner advert on (internet banners will be displayed on all the contents/news on the site).

Content marketing
6. One promotional write-up and publication on one of the sites above (the promotional content will be written by our professional writer and it will be on the website permanently).
7. Post your real estate advertising once on 10 Nigerian online forums.

AdHang team will write the advert copies, the promotional piece, design the 5 internet banners, and manage the advertising in all the listed websites.

Cost: $125 a month (Naira is accepted)..

It will take 3 working days to prepare all the above real estate digital marketing works, like internet banners, etc. The digital marketing works will be sent to you before they go live online. 

Diamond Package

Recommended for a high price property that needs superior targeting online advertising

This option includes:

  1. Google Advertising and Youtube Advert Display.
  2. Facebook Promotion (sponsored ads).
  3. Instagram Promotion (sponsored ads).
  4. Sponsored Banner Advert (the property’s banners on different locations paid adverts to run on the forum).
  5. ( the property’s banners will be displayed on the homepage, sidebar and inside all news on the site).
  6. Sponsored Advert (internet banners on all posts on the real estate blog).
  7. Sponsored Advert (internet banners on all posts on the Nigerian news website).
  8. Complementary online advertising landing page optimization’s advice for property’s rent/lease/sales conversions.

AdHang team will write the online advert copies, design the internet banners, and manage the real estate adverts in all the listed sites.

Cost: $83 daily (Naira is accepted).

It will take 4 working days to prepare the real estate digital marketing above. All the digital marketing works will be emailed to you before they go live online. 

Advanced Package

Recommended for a real estate company that wants to promote its name, have an aggressive online presence, and create massive awareness about the company’s services and multiple properties for sale/lease/rent

This is the premium option and includes:

  1. Develop Nigerian real estate awareness formats, and marketing strategies and create all advertising materials needed for your Real Estate Company and current properties for sale/rent/lease; configure advert links and place the online adverts in multiple websites around the internet.

Displaying the properties’ advertising banners and sponsored ads every minute on the websites below:

  1. Google search Nigeria and its partners’ sites across Nigeria.
  2. Facebook.
  4. Instagram.
  7. Bing search Nigeria.
  8. Yahoo search Nigeria.

In addition apply below contents’ real estate digital marketing and online promotion services to make your name, estates and services popular and go viral:

  1. Nigerian real estate’s awareness article circulation (sale content will be written weekly about your Nigerian real estate services and posted on 15 Nigerian forums and a Nigerian Real estate blog).
  2. Full search engine optimization of the company, and its properties and services to rank on the top of popular search engines.
  3. Every week 15 influencers will recommend your properties to their friends/followers to buy.
  4. Presentation publication (an online informative presentation will be done weekly about your Nigerian real estate company and posted on 60+ online presentation sites such as,,, etc).
  5. A press release will be written monthly about your Nigerian real estate brand, and the news release will appear on search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo), and published on 300+ premium news sites such as Digitaljournal, Nigeriaonnews, Newsok, Siliconinvestor, etc.
  6. Advertising Video will be produced about your Nigerian real estate company, and the services it offers, and published on 80+ video sharing platforms permanently such as Dailymotion, Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Also, there will be your Nigerian real estate video sponsored display advertising running daily on sites such as youtube sponsored sections, all facebook sponsored sections, etc.
  7. Complementary online advertising landing page optimization’s advice for property’s rent/sales/lease conversions.
  8. Professional website development (if you do not have one), includes web design, web hosting, web address registration for 1 year, and search engine optimization of the site for a month. If you have a website already, your current website will be optimized to rank No.1 on Google and Yahoo for real estate keywords, e.g., top real estate companies in Nigeria, etc. 
  9. Finally, managing and running the entire online marketing all over the internet.

Cost: $5, 531 a month (Naira is accepted).

It will take 7 working days to prepare all the above real estate digital marketing creative works. All the digital marketing works will be emailed to you before they go live online.

Is anything missing? You may want to read case studies, testimonials, and FAQ below.

Case Studies


EDGE CASTLE ESTATE is a serviced estate under development by Edge Breaker Global Business Investment Limited with superior concept and infrastructures designed to appeal to discerning home buyers and smart investors alike.
Strategically located at Ebutu-Lekki, Lekki town, Ibeju Lekki.
AdHang was hired by the company to advertise the estate online and help the company achieve its objectives and goals. 


• High price tag
• Technical in nature to newbies
• Not what can be purchased on impulse
• No contents online to foster buyers’ confidence
• Poor website’s landing page
• Meant for individuals/entities with the purchasing power 


• Diagnosed the estate landing page and gave recommendations
• Creation of online adverts
• Internet banner designs
• Contextual ads placement
• Social media marketing
• Local websites ads placements including on
• Premium classified advert placement at
• Press release and publication on 

Results Just In 8 Days of the Online Marketing So Far

1. Mentioning of Edge Castle Estate from multiple sources online.
2. Awareness about the Edge castle estate is being created in Lagos, Ogun, and later extended to Abuja, Portharcourt, and the UK.
3. The PR and classified ads are permanently placed on the news site and online marketplace.
4. Top search engine ranking for the real estate in Google.
5. Better search engine ranking for the company’s website in Google.
6. Impressions/hits/views recorded : 348, 133.
7. Estimated 250, 000 people reached.
8. About 347 people responded these include inquiries, likes, shares, contact saved, sales, etc.

Some of the Edge Castle Estate’s online adverts by AdHang

Company Name: EdgeBreakers.
Country: Nigeria.
Online Advertising Focus: Edge Castle Estate.
Works Done: content writing, search engine advert, social media ads, and managing the digital marketing in multiple sources.

CASE STUDY TWO: Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City District One Properties in Dubai

Dubai properties marketing services in Abuja

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City, District One is an exclusive residential destination situated in the heart of Dubai on Al Khail Road. The luxurious and elegant lifestyle community is set amidst natural surroundings and offers the most central freehold mansions, villas, and residences.

AdHang was hired by the team and the consulting firm Sulfman consulting Limited to help the group promote the Dubai properties and the real estate event at Hilton Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria. The types of properties to be promoted are waterfront residences, opulent mansions and luxurious villas.

Digital Marketing Objectives

• Create awareness about the 3 days event in Abuja, Nigeria
• Educate investors and buyers about the properties
• Foster buyers’ confidence and stimulate sales and leads 


• Not properties that can be purchased on impulse
• Because of huge capital required to purchase these types of properties (Mansions, Villas, etc), the advert should target only those who can afford it
• Dubai Properties (Non-Nigeria Estates) targeting Nigerian investors and buyers

What AdHang did

• Market situation analysis
• Promotion planning and real estate marketing strategies to target corporate top executives, political office holders, high-net-worth individuals and public figures such as politicians, etc
• Selection of digital marketing components and incorporation of sites and marketing approach
• Bulk email to 50, 000 CEOs, business owners, and potential investors and buyers
• Nigerian online forums advertising
• Real estate blog banner ads and educative post at
• The event press release was writing and published on blog, and Nigerian news portal
• The real estates and event’s posts shared on selected tens of Facebook groups/marketplaces


1. A good number of investors, agents and buyers visited the stand in Hilton hotel Abuja, Nigeria.
2. Leads were generated.
3. Business connections were made between investors and the promoters.
4. Permanent brand awareness through blog, online news and forum publications about the properties and the group.
5. A Happy client who during a conversation with AdHang’s COO thank God and AdHang team for the results.


What others are saying About AdHang

AdHang team has been used for our new media positioning services from 2010 to date being 2020. For example, they have helped our group built/repositioned three different websites at different years and search engine optimization of one. The selling points to us is their expertise which has been demonstrated over the years and ability to satisfy our needs in different industries our group operates – from Light energy to real estate in Nigeria.

Desmond Orjiakor

Desmond Orjiakor

Chairman – Mecanong Group, and MD – Land Peak & Homes Limited

My company is pleased to hire AdHang team after we have seen the new media market positioning works they did for one of our competitors in the industry. This is 7 years+ using their services for our B2B, and my company has never regretted working with them. They save us headaches, time and stress, and follow the scope of reference of the project and always do the needful; as a result, my company doesn’t hesitate to renew our services with them when due.

Ilesanmi Adebisi

Ilesanmi Adebisi

MD - Bailes Global Resources Ltd


Frequent Asked Questions

property advertising sites in Lagos

How many leads can I get daily?

It is hard to say exactly the number of leads you can get daily. These packages will create awareness about the company and its properties, educate investors and buyers about the company’s offerings, and put different angles of the company’s services and estates in search engines, and all the contents that will be created will remain online forever in the platforms listed in the package you choose (even when you stop advertising the promotional contents will still be online forever promoting the company and its real estate services).

How many buyers/renters can I get daily?

While properties’ inquiries can begin immediately and sales start the same day, however, because of the nature of real estate’s offering (not a product that can be purchased on impulse), a sale may not happen the moment advert is seen but can trigger a buying process. For example, real estate’s investors/buyers/renters can see adverts today, like the properties, bookmark the address, or copy your contact, use hours to secretly do research who they are dealing with (some of them), and then enquire from you, come for inspection and buy/rent later in the week, or next week, etc. Therefore, the longer you market online, the more buyers/renters will be convinced that this is real, the easier and more inspections and buyers/renters will flow in instantly whenever you put properties for sale, lease, or rent.

What type of Visits or Calls would I receive when the adverts start?

During the advertising, while the real estates’ prospects the adverts are meant for will be doing the needful (bookmarking, saving your contacts, calling for inquiries, becoming leads, visiting your website, meeting you, buying, renting, etc); however, it is not uncommon to get unsolicited calls from adverts as well. So you should prepare for both.

I am a real estate agent and want prospects to contact me directly not my company

Yes, AdHang can advertise your properties in a manner that investors and buyers will contact you directly not the company.

We need a customized and different real estate marketing plan; can AdHang work with that instead?

Yes, you can get a customized real estate digital marketing package, and AdHang can work with your already real estate advertising plan. Whether the customized digital marketing is specifically on social media, search engine, viral marketing, or about the estate marketing cost, advertising timeframe, or something else.

Is there any marketing fee attached outside the package’s subscription?

There is no extra fee at all.

For the package2 can I request for the advertisement to be paused on a particular day?

Yes, if you go for package 2 (being daily internet banners and display ads), you can request for the properties’ advertising to be paused on a particular day in a week. For example, AdHang can run the adverts Monday to Saturday and pause on Sunday, or market fewer days in a week like three days in a week, and so on.

Can AdHang help a foreign real estate company to advertise in Nigeria?

Yes, AdHang can help a foreign real estate company to advertise properties in Nigeria. Also, AdHang can help to market properties across the globe – Dubai, UK, USA, India; South Africa, and all other English-speaking countries in Africa such as Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Liberia, etc.

How long do you suggest I advertise my Real Estate Company?

The best practice for real estate company marketing is a long period of time. The more regular the daily sponsored adverts across the online multiple platforms the better. During this long period, many things will be happening about your name and services you offer such as awareness (many prospects will be coming across the name/properties for the first time), educating the target clients, making sales and getting rents, establishing the brand online, getting leads, people will be recommending the company, bookmarking the brand, fostering buyers and potential tenants’ confidence that this is a genuine company, accelerating the brand recognition and trust, and so on. All these will be taking place the longer and steady AdHang advertises you and your properties as an agent, estate company, or a broker.

How do we get started with the above real estate packages?

1. Choose a real estate marketing package that suits your needs and budget.
2. Send your properties’ details, also information about the agent/broker/company behind the properties for buyers’ contact and properties’ inspections; include your website (if any).
3. Make the marketing payment, and the receipt will be emailed within 24 hours.
4. AdHang team will create all the online adverts (internet banners, headlines, PR, promotional piece, etc,), and the marketing works with your brand name, logo, web address, and forward them to you for approval. Once AdHang gets the approval feedback, the online media owners will be paid and the marketing will begin within 24 hours.
5. Reports to get:
i. notification of adverts display in all the listed platforms within 48 hours (the adverts can be viewed across Nigeria and the world at large)
ii. notification of all the promotional contents’ publications in all the listed platforms after publications (with active publications’ links that can be viewed across Nigeria and the world at large)
iii. Advertising/marketing performances weekly/monthly or at the end of the marketing contract period.

Some Adverts

Some properties’ online adverts AdHang team created and managed

real estatate advertising services in Ogun State
properties promotion companies in Ogun
real estatate marketing in Ogun State
real estate marketing in Africa
Properties ads

How to Get Started With Our Real Estate Marketing in Nigeria, Africa

  1. Choose a package from the above three packages.
  2.  Request our agency’s bank account details and make the payment of how many days/months to run the online marketing.
  3.  Send the property details (if you have a real estate website, point it to us).
  4. We will create the property advertising materials in 4 days and forward them to your company for approval before the online marketing.

To get started with any of the above real estate digital marketing plans, or to request for a custom package, or to ask any question, use the form below to reach AdHang.


7 Benefits of using AdHang as your properties digital marketing agency

  1. Have news sites, blogs, online forums, and online links recommending your agents, property, company, services, or you as an estate agent. These influencers will not only help you beat competitors but also help foster investors’ and buyers’ confidence and close deals faster and easier.
  2. Educate foreign and local investors about your property in any location – from residential to commercial property.
  3. Top search engine ranking of your company’s real estate services in Nigeria.
  4. Have the real estate company’s name and services online presence around Nigeria permanently.
  5. Getting leads over time in a particular region, or across Nigeria’s states and cities such as Lagos, Enugu, Portharcourt, Abuja, Awka, Owerri, etc.
  6. Accelerate your estate brand and name recognition all over the region. This will help clear common doubts about whether a real estate company and its properties are real or not that constantly hamper real estate sales.
  7. Professionally managing your Nigerian real estate digital marketing every minute, from search engine marketing, and blog adverts to social media presence, etc.
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Note: AdHang is neither a property agent nor a Real Estate Company; AdHang is an online advertising agency, located in Lagos. Therefore, AdHang can help rental agents, real estate companies, home developers, and properties dealers market their names, services, and properties to millions of Nigerians. A real estate firm knows real estate business, what good locations and value of property entail; AdHang knows advertising, and the best strategies to expose the offers to prospects and convert them to clients.

Property owners, agents, or your firm can have nice houses, properties at good locations, but without a good number of buyers and renters knowing them, there will be no deal or tenants and all these will amount to waste, and losing revenues on daily basis. Therefore, you need proper property awareness from real estate online marketing professionals in Nigeria. To let buyers and tenants know about that estate, malls, shops, and lands is where AdHang’s advertising comes in. AdHang has experts to perform different real estate marketing strategies in Nigeria – from real estate social media marketing (Africa social sites, Instagram and real estate Facebook ads in Nigeria), internet display advertising to search engine optimization of a real estate brand.

Apart from the above real estate digital marketing packages, AdHang renders following digital marketing services for Realtors in Nigeria

>>> Real estate website design

>>> Real estate SEO

>>> Real estate event promotion

>>> Real estate press release distribution

>>> Real estate social media page design and setup

>>> Real estate poster design and printing

Partnering with an agency with competency in digital marketing for realtors in Nigeria, you can expect great marketing results

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