Understanding business social media marketingNigerian business social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention and engaging a given audience through social media sites for business in Nigeria. Unlike before, it was regarded as kids’ online gathering place; now social media is gradually gaining acceptance by Nigeria’s mature minds. Here comes advantage for businesses in Nigeria to leverage the growing number of people visiting social media to reach their target audience for business purpose.

Nigerians in Social Media

It’s important to state upfront that social media users’ intent and still the reason people visit social media are to relate with people, share updates, make friends, have fun and keep connected with people irrespective of their locations.  What this means is that Nigerians are not in social media to buy goods and services, compare price of an item, or there with any purchase intent. This is truth, no matter what anybody tells you to collect money from you. However, you can leverage on the fact that Nigerians are there to run social media marketing in Nigeria, mostly to create awareness, educate consumers, and interact with your existing customers who might use social media for supports. Remember, there are other components of digital marketing to consider.

Can I use Social Media to get business?

So, is there still need to run online social media marketing in Nigeria as a business? The answer is yes. However, any social media marketing you’re creating must be consistent with reasons Nigerians visit social media and any divergence to this purpose will lead to waste of money and time on social media. Here comes the need to hire an expert in Nigerian business social media marketing. For business social media marketing in Nigeria I recommend AdHang. Because AdHang has expertise in social media marketing, AdHang will help you to plan, create sponsored ads, design captivating page, write advert messages, strategize and run business social media campaigns that will effectively engage your target audience faster and easier.

Social Media in Nigeria is beyond popular ones

When it comes to social media sites, people and most companies think of social media in terms of facebook, twitter, linkedin and socialwider.com. No, in social media, there are at least six categories of social media such as social networking sites (all the sites I mentioned above belong to this category), Forum sites, Video sites, Newsaggregator sites, Photo sharing sites, File sharing sites, Wikis sites, etc.

Social media marketing of company in NigeriaEach of this category of social media has tens of thousands of sites existing online, such as popular and unpopular social media, regional based social media, professionals specifics social media, country based social media, interest based social media etc. All have their strengths and weaknesses, depending on your target audiences and the objectives of your business at any given moment, whether to create awareness, educate a specific audience, remind etc. This is even more reason professional Nigerian business social media marketing in Africa is needed. You can get AdHang’s team to do the job of social media marketing in Nigeria for you all around the clock.

Social Media is one out six of methods to market business online in Nigeria

Social media marketing is one of elements of digital marketing; outside content marketing, online display, mobile marketing, influencers marketing and search engine marketing (SEO, sponsored ads).

Need business social media marketing solutions?

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