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It is no longer news of the astonishing effectiveness of internet advertising, the multi-billion dollar platform, the internet, that is, has attracted nearly the whole world’s population to it. The rise of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Socialwider.com, LinkedIn, etc., has exponentially soared the value of online campaigning. Nigerian Politicians can take advantage of this, widening their reach to people online, they can campaign online connecting to the populace and interacting with them on a regular basis.This will enhance trust between the Nigerian politician and the citizenry because in this present age, the only way Nigerian politicians can be closer to the people is via the internet.

The teeming youths of Nigerian society are fast becoming internet conscious. Thus, it would prove useful for the Nigerian politician to leverage internet campaigning for greater success in his/her political endeavors. The time is ripe for the political world to start understanding the changing mindsets that the internet is creating, and to be aware of the possible repercussions of failing to engage with their voters online.

Political campaigns tips in Nigeria

This article brings to fore internet advertising steps and solution for Nigerian politicians. Over the last couple of years we have witnessed the impact of the connected internet world on politics. Political bloggers have been able to set the agenda, by pushing stories onto the traditional media, and we have also seen an unprecedented number of votes being cast in a government e-petition. The power of an internet campaign can provoke or prevent change in society. You can observe several instances around the world where the internet has played a pivotal role in gaining mass support for a particular cause. There are many cases of solidarity march for a cause or a demand for change in a certain sector of an economy that started just as a Twitter tweet or a Facebook post, and it transformed into physical reality.

Nigerian online ads campaign for politicians is a growing trend and has been most effective. The recent Presidential election conducted across the nation is proof of it. Prior to the D Day of the elections, the various candidates of the different political parties leveraged the power of internet advertising by reaching out to Nigerians through various social media sites, online forums, and website blogs.

They use this medium to pass information to Nigerians on the reasons why Nigerians should vote for them. There was tension in the air, but with the use of internet campaign, a lot of impressions were corrected and ignited; mindsets were changed. The upshot of this massive campaign by the various Presidential candidates was that they were able to canvass large swathes of Nigerian electorates to polling units. The benefits of Internet campaign simply cannot be overemphasized.

Election marketing guide in Nigeria

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