Online Publicity Agency in Nigeria

Local businesses, event organizers, and institutions in Nigeria serving a Nigerian audience in this digital age must consider online publicity as one of their top public enlightenment channels and strategies.  Every day, different things are heard, read, and shared online; so many of them went viral, and you wonder how it happened. The solution is well planned and executed online publicity using hundreds of digital channels.

Unfortunately, you as an individual cannot do this kind of publicity, for reasons being that it requires digital PR strategist, situation analysis, communication strategies, designing internet banners, writing headlines, having relationships with hundreds of online platforms (from news sites, online forums, to bloggers), managing campaigns in all assorted sources, etc. In short, you need the help of 20+professionals to do these jobs; hence the need to hire AdHang to help you do all the publicity works. AdHang, the No.1 online publicity agency in Nigeria, is here to help your entity create massive online publicity that will cut across social media, online news outlets, blogs, and search engines.

With over 15 years of experience in online publicity services in Nigeria, AdHang will help you achieve your publicity aims faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Aims AdHang’s Online Publicity in Nigeria Can Help You Achieve

Publicity company in Africa for digital PR ideas and strategies
  1. Increase awareness of your program, business or products/services.
  2. Make your program, business or brand dominate conversations in the region.
  3. Make your brand, services or products topping the search engine ranking in Nigeria.
  4. Get leads, sales, registrations, etc.
  5. Stimulate and accelerate brand equity, recognition, popularity, etc.

What are the online publicity channels AdHang employs?

As the leading online publicity agency in Nigeria, AdHang uses a limitless and combination of online publicity strategies, tools, and channels to engage any target audience in Nigeria, these include:

  • Internet Banners
  • Blogs
  •  Social Networking Sites
  •  News Websites
  • Search Engines
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Press Release
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Nigerian Online Forums
  • Social Media Handles
  • Advertising Videos
  • Social Media Groups

Why Choose AdHang as Your Online Publicity Agency in Nigeria, Africa

Digital publicity agencies in lagos
  1. AdHang’s online publicity team is made up of digital specialists that are ready to work around the clock to enhance the exposure of your business/offer/product on the internet.
  2. With over 15 years of experience in online publicity in Nigeria, AdHang has developed a number of digital publicity strategies that have shown to be highly impactiful.
  3. AdHang’s online publicity experts in Nigeria have discovered through experience that various campaign approaches work well in different locations . This is not something that all online pubblicity agencies are aware of.  
  4. AdHang distinguishes itself from the competition by providing location-specific tactics customized to your local business in Nigeria.

As the leading online publicity agency in Africa, AdHang has the process ready to start your online publicity that will expose your publicity campaigns to hundreds of millions of people.

Online Publicity Packages in Nigeria

Different brands and entities need different online publicity strategies and channels, in view of this, AdHang created bundles of online publicity packages to select from depending on your publicity goals, click here.