Important of SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO for short) can simply be defined as the various strategies employed to effectively make your website and/or web pages more visible on the internet by helping them rank higher on the results pages of search engines like Yahoo and Google. With the millions of websites out there vying for visibility, the importance of search engine optimization cannot be overemphasized and this is one topic we will constantly hear about until maybe, something more effective comes up.

Even though Google, one of the most widely used search engines, has never come out to say exactly the combination of ranking factors it uses to decide which websites come first in its hierarchical presentation based on search queries, over the years Experts in SEO analytics have been able to deduce(and correctly if I may add)the factors that could make certain websites rank higher than others on search engine results pages.

For any online business that wants to be alive and not just exist on the internet, full Search engine optimization is a necessity because:


It provides visibility: If you own or manage an online business of any kind, in order to get customers to even look at what you are offering, you first have to be able to devise the means to get them to visit your website. You can only do this by using effective search engine optimization techniques to get your website to be among the first to come up on search pages, driving higher traffic to your business and giving you better ROI. Most internet users don’t have the time to start checking beyond the first page of the search engine results pages and if your name is not on that page, the chances of you being discovered is probably next to nothing.


SEO provides credibility to your business: Think about it! Out of all the thousands of websites offering the same services, your website happens to rank among the top 10. Imagine the boost this gives to your business image because most internet users have the confidence that search pages will always show them the best answers to their the fact that you are on the first page, showing that Google trusts you, also increases your clients trust in your business


It ensures your business’ survival: SEO puts you ahead of competition. In today’s highly choked e-commerce world, how do you get one up on your competitors and ensure that your brand stays visible in the eye of your customers? The answer: SEO. With the right search engine optimization techniques, you can ensure that your brand remains relevant online and ensure that your business survives and thrives.


It can help you promote your brand on social media: Most people who find your website would probably do so using Google or Yahoo and if your information or services are good they would probably share the link on Facebook and other social media channels thus giving your brand, advertisement at no cost to you.

I will conclude by emphasizing once again, that in order for any online business to survive in the densely packed atmosphere of today’s internet world, it needs to effect search engine optimization.

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