Website development cost in Nigeria

Website development cost in Nigeria is determined by many factors such as type of website, functionalities needed on the website, website hosting types, etc.  In other words, website development cost in Nigeria involves calculating prices of designing what you want to do with your website (for example, eCommerce or buying and selling in Nigeria, etc), how you want your website to function (blogging and posting contents, etc) type of website hosting in Nigeria (shared web hosting, dedicated servers hosting, VPS, etc) and so one.

Website Development Basic Component

Generally speaking, website development consists of three angles which are web address registration (domain), web hosting, and website design.  But the word website design is popular; hence most people in Nigeria prefer or more familiar with using the word website design cost in Nigeria or website building cost in Nigeria when in reality what they meant is website development cost in Nigeria. As you could see in my explanation, design on a website is just one angle to it.

After a website is designed, it will be in the website designer’s computer, for the world to see it online the website has to be hosted (website hosting), and for you or people to locate the website there should be a website address to type (domain registration); after these three angles, a website will become a fully developed and functional website. For example,,, etc.

Website Design Cost in Nigeria

Types of Websites

Before the full website development cost in Nigeria, let us specify the types of websites that can be developed. Types of website include, but not limited to the following:

  • Online Forum
  • Blog
  • Corporate website
  • Personal website ( for an individual profile, for example, politician, music artist, etc)
  • eCommerce website ( online supper market, classified site, etc)
  • Social networking website
  • News website ( online magazine or newspaper site)
These further suggest that websites are not the same, as a result, prices of building websites in Nigeria will differ, depending on the types of websites you need and who will develop the website in Nigeria.  Nevertheless, let us break down the website building cost in the next paragraph.

The Breakdown of Website Development Cost in Nigeria

So I will list the cost of each website component, then, in the end we can go through the total costs and calculate the real price of owning a website in Nigeria.  Then give you an easy recommendation to own your website in Nigeria within one week.

  1. Web Address Registration – the cost of registering a domain in Nigeria is between N5, 500 to N20, 000 annually, depending on the domain (Dotcom, Dotus, Dotorg, etc).
  2. Website Hosting – web hosting cost in Nigeria:
  • Shared Hosting (web hosting with multiple users in their server) is between N12, 000 annually to N60, 000, depending on the disk space, bandwidths, and other features
  • Private Virtual Server Hosting is between N15, 000 to N39, 000 monthly, depending on the disk space, RAM and other features
  • Dedicated Servers Hosting is between N95, 000 to N158, 000 monthly, depending on the disk space, RAM and other features
These website hosting costs and options depend on your choice based on budget, the type of website you want to build, how big the website is, etc. For example, a personal website in Nigeria or a simple site with no much work can go for shared hosting, otherwise, you need at least a private visual server for the website to function optimally.  These website hosting costs are taken from, a leading web hosting company in Nigeria.

3. Website Design Cost –  website designing cost here refers to the interface/ front end of the website, this will basically include:

  • Picture – you can hire a photographer, buy pictures online around N10, 000, or use free pictures online from loyalty-free picture sites like
  • Pages – (Home, About us, Services, Team, Products) cost N50, 000
  • Text/write up – content writing using content creator in Nigeria costs an average of N10, 000, so for the standard 5 pages’ content writing, the cost will be N50, 000
  • Logo – the cost of designing a unique and professional logo in Nigeria is between N10, 000 to 2, 000, 000, depending on who you hire to design the logo
  • Back end – this includes Admin System, Functionalities like social media (sharing, likes, timeline feeds, etc), gallery (videos, pictures, etc), special security (content coping prevention, firewall, login brute force resistance), and Contact form; these will cost an average of N40, 000

Cost of Owning a Website in Nigeria

how much does it cost to build an interactive website in Nigeria

Having indicated there are different types of websites and stated things website includes and their costs, then we can mention the least amount to own a professional website in Nigeria.

Outside content, the least cost of owning a website in Nigeria is N145, 000, this will include the website design, domain registration and web hosting that will be renewed annually with just about N15, 500.

Note: there are other website design works and their costs, I excluded them because here at AdHang we do them free for clients, these include domain research and recommendation, website design planning, On-page search engine optimization (SEO), and web address submission into multiple search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

What to do now to own a website

Now that you know website design cost in Nigeria, you can hire AdHang, our agency to help you design and deploy a professional website in Nigeria. To see what website designs from the agency include and the real reduced costs, click here.

Website Maintenance and Management

Some companies in Nigeria do require website maintenance and management as a result do like to factor the costs. If you belonged to this category of website owners in Nigeria, and you would want to know the website maintenance and management cost, below are the two categories:

  1. Website maintenance and management cost that involves only the technical sides, this includes system update, error fixing, plugin upgrades, etc, click here.
  2. Website management cost in Nigeria for the non-technical side which involves content writing and blog posting, site monitoring, etc, click here.
Costs of building website in Nigeria