Website Management Cost in Nigeria

Website management cost in Nigeria is determined by many factors like website size, routine maintenance, type of website, and how the website is developed.   In this article today on website management cost in Nigeria, I will give your website management price estimates by breaking down different works website management in Nigeria includes and their prices. Then recommend options and the standard website management package in Nigeria AdHang has developed to get companies started.

Categories of Website Management

Generally speaking, there are three distinct angles of website management:

  1. Technical side – software, plugin, and codes upgrade, system update and management, and technical SEO (site speed, Meta tags, robot. Txt, etc).
  2. Creative or content development and posting – this involves writing blog posts, news, editing content on the site, and ensuring that all the write-up is up to date. And this content can further be shared on the company’s social media timelines.
  3. Website promotion or marketing – this involves developing online adverts, attracting traffics to the site, and ensuring that a target audience knows not only that the website exists but what the company does in Nigeria.
Above three areas of website management require different skills and professionals to manage as a result have prices. One person cannot effectively manage all these, do not allow anybody to tell you otherwise; this is one main reason companies in Nigeria hire an agency, because, in an agency like, you will have tens of professionals who work together doing different things on a website. 

Our article will focus on the number 1 and 2 costs breakdown, the number 3 being online promotion the costs can be found here. In the explanations that follow, I assume that you want to hire a website management company or agency because they do have multiple professionals working on a site (technical and content development, etc).

Costs of website administration in Nigeria

Common Duties and Responsibilities of Website Manager and Their Costs

As stated earlier the works that are needed to be done are major factors on website management cost in Nigeria.  Here are the common duties and responsibilities of a website manager:

  • Ensure website functionality and perform software, mods and plugging updates
  • Monitor, evaluate, assess, and report on website performance to the company’s management
  • Ensure all details of domain registration in registrars and WHOIS are  current and accurate
  • Develop and/or update content pages to fit into what the company is doing at anytime
  • Make adjustments to the design or site structure to incorporate any changes in the company
  • Handle search engine optimization mostly on-page SEO
  • Backup website on a regular basis
The cost of managing and fulfilling these responsibilities monthly for an eCommerce site will cost between N100, 000 to 1, 000, 000, while the corporate site will cost between N60, 000 to 200, 000.

How much you will end up paying will be determined by the size of the website, the charges of the company you will hire to do the management, and how frequently you want contents to be written and posted on the website, etc.

Cost of Website Infrastructure in Nigeria

You need to have a website before talking about its management. Therefore, while the aforementioned website management costs in Nigeria are for the website managers and their services for working on your website, charges below focus on the infrastructure of the website:

  • Web address name registration =  N5, 500 to N100, 000 annually
  • SSL certificate  = N4, 000 monthly
  • Web Hosting =  N1, 000 to 250 000 monthly
  • Website tools like an auto post, autoresponder, etc = N10, 000 to 200, 000 monthly
  • Paying for images/pictures online or photographer works =  N2, 000 to 100, 000 monthly
  • Payment processing = Zero to N70, 000 yearly
Cost of managing Web site in Lagos Nigeria

Putting The Site Manager and Infrastructures Costs Together

Going by the aforementioned areas, the cost of web infrastructure and website manager to fully manage a website in Nigeria by standard, for a corporate website is at least N80, 000 monthly, while eCommerce is N120, 000 monthly.


  1. Firstly, AdHang, our agency is into website administration services in Nigeria for over 10 years, and the price of hiring the agency for website management in Nigeria is cheap and affordable.  So you can hire the agency to do all the 3 listed categories of website management in Nigeria, this includes technical, content, and promotion.
  2. Review your website and needs using the three areas I stated and see the one(s) your company can do in-house, and outsource the other one(s). Then list them to get the website management quote.
  3. Choose a standard website management package in Nigeria, developed by AdHang to get your website administration started immediately. Click here for the detail.
  4. Incase website has not been designed and developed; you may want to know website creation cost in Nigeria.
Cost of hiring website manager in Nigeria