Cosmetics Digital Marketing in NigeriaCosmetics digital marketing agency in Nigeria AdHang is helping cosmetics’ manufacturers connect various customers and distributors across Nigeria. Digital marketing is the right marketing communication channel for all businesses around the world and it’s no different in the skin care and beauty industry. In Nigeria, there are many people looking and searching for cosmetics to buy via internet. On the same note, there are many cosmetics’ companies (manufacturers and distributors) from different countries who are looking for Nigerian customers, therefore competing in the same market.


Hire AdHang today to help you achieve your digital marketing objectives in Nigeria faster and easier through effectively advertising of your skincare products: Soaps, Lotions, Ointments, Creams or emulsions, Gels, Sticks, Powders, etc. AdHang’s cosmetics digital marketing in Nigeria is designed to assist you the cosmetics’ manufacturer/distributor to reach millions of Nigerian cosmetics retailers, wholesalers and end users in Nigeria. Cosmetics digital marketing agency in Nigeria AdHang will help your company to push its cosmetics’ products in Nigeria through strategic digital marketing sciences.


However, in digital marketing of cosmetics in Nigeria, AdHang employs different components of digital marketing: search engine marketing, content marketing, internet display advertising, social media marketing, mobile marketing and influencers marketing. The entire digital marketing approach to use depend on the company’s cosmetics digital marketing’s budget, marketing duration, and what the advertising objectives are,  whether awareness, educating the end users, establishing the brand, or increasing demand, etc.


To start your cosmetics’ digital marketing in Nigeria by the agency; there’re digital marketing options to choose from, below are the options and links to their full details.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Cosmetics’ products SEO in Nigeria, this will help your company on the following:

  • Your customers will find your company’s website on top when they look for your products online in Nigeria.
  • Your website will show up in search results when someone searches cosmetics from a mobile phone in Nigeria.
  • Your important sales pages rank high for your commercial keywords than your competitors in Nigeria.

Click here to see full SEO’s detail.


2. Social media marketing

Cosmetics’ social media marketing includes creating and setting fan pages, design adverts and managing sponsored ads, producing articles, info-graphs,  etc.  For the social media marketing, click here.


3. Holistic cosmetics digital marketing

Holistic cosmetic digital marketing. This includes all digital marketing strategies needed to massively expose your cosmetics’ products all over Nigeria: planning, creative works creation, multiple websites ads placement, online PR, social media, video marketing (depending on the plan), banner advertising, etc. To see all this entails click here.


Skincare soap marketing NigeriaAdHang’s cosmetics digital marketing operates on a domestic scale – cosmetics manufacturers who are based anywhere are welcome to use this service to spread their tentacles, accelerate brands’ recognition in the country and establish in the Nigeria’s marketplace.






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