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Cost of digital marketing in Nigeria is determined by many factors, such as platforms to be used, duration of the marketing campaigns, tools, digital marketing elements (online display ads, search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, influencers, and mobile marketing), and professionals’ fees to carry out the marketing, etc. I will try on this post to answer the question by asking you questions, while you conclude based on your responses because your input is needed to ascertain the digital marketing cost at the end. You may need to be writing answers down as you go through all the factors. But, If your organization wants to hire a digital marketing agency right away and to know the cost of everything, in this case, your organization may need to choose from standard rates by clicking here or select simpler packages by clicking here, which include everything. Otherwise, let us go through the factors below.

What is the Digital Marketing Objective?

Let’s start by asking you what did your organization wants to achieve with their digital marketing? Is it to create awareness for products and services or promote a brand; is it to increase sales of your brand or establish your name in Nigeria’s market; is it to remind customers or potential buyers about your brand of products; and is it to reinforce benefits that sell your products to consumers? These are questions to answer, you can as well have all the above as your aims. Important to note: to achieve all the above aims at the same time will lead to more cost of running digital marketing because each of them requires a separate strategy and campaign approach.  For example, you don’t create awareness for your customers that already know your products and company, but you can reinforce or remind to retain them, or encourage more purchase.

Who are the Digital Marketing personas?

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Once you know what your organization wants to achieve with your digital marketing in Nigeria, the next is to identify the personas you want to target. These are people your products or services are meant for, because, everybody in the Nigerian market isn’t your customer. This is one of the determinants of the type of internet channels to use. Because different personas use different online platforms to carry out their day-to-day online activities. For example, most professionals who want to use social networking websites tend to use professional networking sites like LinkedIn; fun and younger folks who want to network online and meet friends tend to use Facebook; readers and researchers tend to use blogs, online forums, search engines; busy folks, elites, and educationists tend to read emails and use sites that are educative and well-controlled such as newspaper websites, wikis, article directories, etc.

Knowing your target audience will help you to know which online platforms to focus on more, as in digital marketing in Nigeria different platforms, as well as, digital marketing components have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to effectiveness. What works for “company A” might not work for “ company B” as the main thing in digital marketing is how effective a campaign is.

Where is the target audience located?

Once you’re clear about the personas, next to know is whether your target personas are in all over Nigeria, a particular state in Nigeria or region, this again is an important determinant, because different platforms and channels handle these requirements differently, some platforms don’t have the capacity to target a particular state or region, while some have the technologies to handle such (This doesn’t really mean weakness or strength, it bothers on the need of an organization at a given time). For example, online forums like, Nigerian news sites, search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc as of writing this article can easily reach Nigerians nationwide, while social networking sites such as, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc can reach people by state (even by age and gender).  However, if your target audience is all over the states of the federation, you have nothing to worry about, as virtually all platforms and channels out there can target all Nigeria and beyond.

Would you manage the marketing in-house or outsource the digital marketing?

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Next in determining the cost of digital marketing in Nigeria is, would you manage the marketing in-house or outsource the digital marketing to online marketing agency like us ( If what you want is only to have a banner displaying in a website such as Cokoye, in this case, you need not outsource, you need to contact the site owner direct. However, if your company wants to run bigger, meticulous, and multiple platforms campaigns, you will need to outsource the marketing campaign to an agency like being a digital marketing specialist in Nigeria. Another reason you need an agency is that getting all the above right need series of process, this includes, situation analysis with emphasize on SWOT. As running a digital marketing campaign is more than text display and banners on websites (display text and banner are just tools). If you have serious competitors or really want to dominate the market or niche, you might need a digital marketing agency to run advanced digital marketing campaigns with points-of-parity, and points-of-different strategies, incorporating various tactical digital marketing elements.

Why all these questions? This is to enable you and your company to have an effective digital marketing campaign in Nigeria. We are not talking about just having online banners or sponsored display text out there on websites.  Because, without knowing all these, will lead to just throwing away money with no performance; the above steps will help you to better understand what you are doing.

Meet the sites’ owners

Lastly, meet the site owners whose platforms meet your criteria of the target audience to know how much their banner online ad placement’s cost; because different platforms have different prices and packages. You choose the channels that will enable your company to achieve its aims as mentioned above. You can contact as many as your company can afford to pay. Decide the duration you want to run digital marketing. For example, a week, a month, a year, etc. Then calculate the costs. In following this route, there is no standard cost as the platform varies.

Consider using a digital marketing agency in Nigeria (AdHang)

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If you have chosen to use a digital marketing agency (which will definitely make things much easier and faster); AdHang will like to be of service to you, already AdHang has default online advert rates listed here. With AdHang not only you need not worry about selecting the best platforms, pricing packages, meeting sites owners’ guidelines, and achieving your goals; AdHang will help you plan, develop, design, and map out digital marketing strategies to achieve your marketing goals in Nigeria and effectively run your digital marketing all over the internet.

You can watch the video below to see 12 reasons to hire AdHang.