Digital Marketing for Assistive Technology Companies in Nigeria

Marketing is gradually evolving, and to get the most out of it, digital has to be an integral part of your efforts. This is true even for assistive technology companies in Nigeria

Companies in this industry have been known to have a common struggle: reaching the right decision-makers. Digital marketing in Nigeria happens to be the best way out of this struggle; so you can reach your business goals and objectives.

There are a lot of tactics and strategies to leverage digital marketing for assistive technology in Nigeria in order to produce real results. This is why we have put up this assistive technology digital marketing guide. This guide is a great way to get started with learning the various tools you can take advantage of to get your product and service in front of your potential customers.

Social Media Sponsored Ads

Gone are the days where social media in Nigeria was just for kids. Literally, every business in Nigeria needs social media to survive. There are a number of ways this tool can be very useful in driving assistive technology business growth. One of such ways is with sponsored ads. 

Social media sponsored ads are a great way to boost the awareness of your assistive technology business in Nigeria. You can get to appear in newsfeeds of your prospects as often as you want. The resultant effect of this is an increase in brand recognition.

With social media sponsored ads, you can easily target specific audiences, based on specific demographic and psychographic characteristics such as age, location, interests, and so on. This way, you are sure that your ads are reaching consumers who are truly interested in your product or content. This digital marketing strategy for assistive technology helps you get adequate value for your every marketing buck.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization simply means making it easy for search engines to understand your website and easily find you online. They in turn will get your assistive technology business more traffic and exposure, thereby making existing and potential customers finds you easily online. This strategy implements techniques that search engines use to rank websites on their search result pages.

To successfully implement this strategy, you will need to understand how your prospects use these search engines. You will need to identify words and phrases that describe their intent when looking for your business online. This way, you have a chance of being right there just when they are looking for you to make a purchase.

Are you still wondering why you should care about SEO? More than just the potential for enormous traffic that this digital marketing strategy gives, the traffic is high-intent and very specific. This is a priceless element for any business marketing.

Internet Banner Advertising

Internet banner ads are one tactic of digital marketing for assistive technology in Nigeria that has proven effective. This strategy generally involves the use of a multimedia object or image, (known as banner ads) and placing it on other websites. 

The ultimate objective with any internet banner advertising efforts is to create awareness of your assistive technology product and get more exposure. You also take advantage of the host website’s audience and visitors and drive them to your website or landing page designed for that campaign. 

There are a number of elements you should keep in mind in order to ensure a successful campaign. Make sure the banner is attractive. The idea is to capture their attention and pull them over. This means you have to make use of relevant images, and make your text bold enough, but not too much. Finally, make sure to use a clear and strong call to action that tells them exactly what the next step is for them. AdHang can help you design attractive advertising banners.

Influencer Marketing

The paradigm of marketing is changing, and influencer marketing is now a trend in Nigeria. This marketing strategy has been around for a while but has in recent times become a mainstream form of online marketing. Well, this is largely because consumers today, even after doing research on a product or service using online channels, still seek real-time feedback before taking the plunge. 

Influencer marketing in Nigeria generally takes on the celebrity endorsement idea and fashions it into an online content-driven campaign for marketing. Consequently, this digital marketing strategy doesn’t necessarily have to do with celebrities, but someone with a large niche-specific and actively engaged following. It is expected that this someone has some sort of power, knowledge, authority, or is in position to influence the purchasing decisions of his/her followers.

An important practice to keep in mind is to look for influencers within your niche. This way, you can be sure to get more bang for your assistive technology marketing bucks, since your business is put in front of consumers that are the most likely to purchase your product or service.

Press Release Writing and Publication

People like to keep up with news, and the preference for online news is tremendously increasing. This makes press releases an essential element of any digital marketing in assistive technology companies in Nigeria.

This tool is a great way to get the word out on newsworthy information about your business and its offering. It is important that this piece of content be adequately engaging. When this happens, it has the ability to impact significantly on your bottomline. 

A well-crafted press release can boost your SEO; generate backlinks, direct organic and targeted traffic to your business website.


So if you’ve gotten this far in this assistive technology digital marketing guide, you must have seen the benefits and importance of digital marketing for any kind of business in Nigeria. If handled by competent hands, the outcome can be quite amazing. 

However, we understand that digital marketing for assistive technology in Nigeria may be overwhelming and time-consuming. We want you to know that we are here for you.

At Adhang, we know what it takes to elevate digital marketing campaigns for companies like yours. We know just the right mix of tactics to help your assistive technology business get the best out of every marketing spend in Nigeria. We are a goal-oriented digital marketing agency in Africa and so make sure our marketing efforts help you achieve your business goals.  Click here for our marketing packages.