Digital Marketing Guide for Solar Companies in Nigeria

So you’re trying to sell the sun aren’t you, Solar Company?

As you may have already found out, while many in Nigeria would agree with the environmental friendliness offered by solar products from Solar Companies, finding buyers in Nigeria however who would rather utilize the prudent clean energy of solar products over the quick fix of fuel ran generators or electricity is not as easy as it appears reasonable.

While everyone feels comfortable utilizing the direct sunlight’s unfettered energy to dry clothes and grow flowers, people and business owners especially in Nigeria, a country with a gaping hole in power supply, hesitate to indulge in the clean source of renewable energy that is presented by Solar Companies in form of solar products like panels, lights, inverters, and the likes.

Why does everyone patronize the Sun but not your Solar Company, yet?

Among many other things, the sun is quite visible, and that’s just putting it lightly. The publicity of the sun is not even worth doing the Math. But here’s an interesting statistic for data-loving folks;

A survey of 2,200 seeing people conducted by the National Science Foundation, NSF in 2012 revealed that 3 in 3 individuals have seen the sun.

 Quite impressive publicity isn’t it?

 To earn a similar reputation for your Solar Company in Nigeria, then your solar products need to be out there in the open. Just like the sun, impartial with its advertising, your products need to be on every platform where everyone in Nigeria can see it.

If your Company must optimize the sales of the Solar products, the solution is a simple revving up the publicity of the Solar Company products.

How can your Solar Company attain Sun-like publicity?

 To be candid and brutally honest, the best way to ensure everyone in the country notices your Solar Company is to take out a paid ad on some billboard on the Sun surface. That way your products are seen every time the sun rises.

The next best thing however is the fine strategy that can be succinctly described as digital marketing for Solar companies in Nigeria.

This kind of marketing has been proven to literally make people patronize solar products with the same fever pitch and trust with which people hold out wet laundry against direct sunlight.

We are going to discuss the Solar Company Digital marketing guide which literally guides your products straight from Company shelves to the homes, offices and roofs of potential customers in Nigeria.

If you’re wondering how that’s possible, you’re wondering in the right place.

This “guide” refers to the tools with which Digital marketing is carried out. Each of the tools appeals to a certain target niche in the potential market pool. Without much Ado, we present to you the following Digital marketing tools for solar companies in Nigeria:

  • Social networking sites
  • Online forums
  • Organic display search
  • Internet banners and displays
  • Influencer marketing

Social Networking Sites

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

-Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon.

 Social media nowadays is literally that “room” where people, potential customers in Nigeria and abroad get to talk, like, comment on and promote or undermine your Solar Company.

By leveraging on the global popularity of Social media, your Solar products can be promoted to nationwide publicity and the ensuing social media interactions can be efficiently utilized to ensure brand remembrance and favorability.

Since your target audience is Nigerian, then local favorites like and are a perfect place to start.

Online forums

Ever met someone at the bar who ordered your favorite beer and you both talk about why you love that beer? Something similar happens at online forums in Nigeria which are specific for topics to be passionate about.

  Some forums curate food, others banter football. If you’re a Solar Company trying to sell Solar products in Nigeria, you’ll be interested in forums that talk about clean energy or Solar products or technology in general (e.g. and obviously because if your interaction is meaningful, a group of passionate forum members will have seen enough to be interested in your Solar product offering.

Unlike social media where your ad may be seen as intrusive, online forums that are your product’s niche would appreciate your ads when they’re well put, as suggestive solutions.

Organic display search

By organic, we mean natural. Unlike paid display or search, organic listings are natural results that appear when people search out your brand online. These results are ranked based on relation to keywords or phrases and other factors.

  To harness the power of organic search in Nigeria, Search Engine Optimization can be carried out to ensure your company website is not in a hideous page 2 of a simple internet search for “Solar panels.”

However, Search Engine Optimization can only optimize queries made about your company on the popular Search engines so far. To go even further high up in search visibility, you might want to try out Display and Search advertising.

Search advertising refers to paid ads that are triggered and added as results when potential customers Search for such products.

Display advertising involves targeting potential customers when they’re not actively searching for your product. Such displays can be carefully laid across high-traffic websites and blogs. is a high-traffic internet route in Nigeria. Laying a few display ads there would definitely get the word out about your Solar Company.

Internet banners

Do you recall those electronic billboards covered with attractive offerings from different companies as you rode on a bus through cities in Nigeria?

 Well, the internet is the new highway and it’s even busier. The internet banners are just like the billboards along highways, only they’re more creative and way more smarter and informative.

Like display campaigns, internet banners, long or short, rectangular or rotatable can bring your Solar Company to the limelight it deserves.

However, what are the busier internet highways in Nigeria? News sources like enjoy great traffic at least in the mornings as people try to stay up to date with the news. is another place where many Nigerians get sport gist from. Supporting rotating banners, both websites can take your Solar Company’s popularity closer to the sun.

Influencer marketing

Social media influencers especially in Nigeria are a hybrid between celebrity endorsement and smart social media marketing.  Your SolarCompany would benefit from to the positive words of recommendation from a likeable personality of your Solar Company to thousands or more of their followers on their platform.

Take action

Perhaps this article has provided a clearer path to achieving your set goals of: improving sales and growing brand awareness and likeability for your Solar Company.

However, you may wonder still;

  • How can I grow my social media followership for solar business in Nigeria?
  • How can I specifically optimize my solar product’s website to harness organic search?
  • How can I place targeted banners and at the right “highway” at the right time?
  • How can I contract genuine social media influencers that will positively impact my company?

Such questions are not only common, they are what experts in this advertising gold mine of digital marketing for Solar Companies in Nigeria have to answer on a daily basis.

At, Nigeria’s leading digital marketing service for solar companies in Nigeria, those questions raised above and many other quests customized to the needs and preferences of our numerous clients are answered with smiles of satisfaction at a digital marketing campaign so well executed that the returns on the investment are almost immediately noticeable.

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