Digital Marketing  stratagy for Doctors and HospitalsToday, we will be looking at Digital Marketing Guides for Doctors and Hospitals, these guides will help doctors and hospitals fill their waiting rooms with patients, generate revenues, and boost their career. Digital Marketing represents a significant strategy for doctors and hospitals’ owners to communicate their solutions and benefits they offer to patients and potential subscribers across the world. Unlike traditional media, the advent of the internet has reduced information on one on one basis, therefore made it possible to reach patients across the world: Nigeria, Ghana, Dubai, UK, USA, France, India; Europe to Africa, etc.

Good news is that there’re so many digital marketing tools out there, all you need to do is learn how to use them as a doctor or medical director. It may take time to learn and understand the tools, before making good use of them. Another option, which is the best is to employ the services of healthcare digital marketing agencies like to help you do hospital or doctor SEO,  plan, design creative works, create online adverts and manage your digital marketing around the clock. The agency will be of help to you if your target audience is Nigeria or patients from Africa’s continent.

Having mentioned these, so how can doctors, hospitals, and clinics reach patients across any given area in the world?

To get started in digital marketing of your medical services you need to first have information to send to the public at hand; because these are the things you need to communicate to the potential patients, and will guide your digital marketing campaigns. These will make them understand your offers, and how to get in touch with you as a doctor or to know your hospital better.

Below is the major information:

  1. What are the medical solutions you offer, the medical qualifications of the team, and the illnesses the hospital can cure?
  2. What are the benefits of patronizing you as a doctor, or coming to your healthcare center for treatment compare to competitors? You are to list all these.
  3. List the target patients and potential audience for your medical services? E.g. children, females, men, all adults; people with cancer problems, diabetes, pregnant women, STD, etc.
  4. What is the hospital or the medical director’s digital marketing objectives now? They can be to create awareness, get patients, promote the brand, establish the medical name or doctor’s name in the minds of the public, educate the potential patients about the healthcare center, build or repair public opinion about the brand, etc?
  5. Visit at least 3 of your top competitors or their websites to see what they are doing, then
  6. What is/are the features/benefits you have or can do the competitors don’t have or can’t do well?
  7. Where is the doctor or hospital located and how can patients contact the medical center?

Once all these are in place, the next thing is to start preparing your digital marketing creative works.  Creative works are captivating headlines writing, online banners design with exemplified images, info-graphs, sales articles, testimonials, case studies, online press releases, etc.  Here, you need to prepare as many digital marketing creative works as you have knowledge about that will help you sell the medical services.

At this stage, we have known things we want to communicate to the potential patients, who the audiences are, where they are; we have had our creative works ready (which are the tools to carry our information to the public).

Now, how can we reach the public, i.e., what are the channels or sites to use that will effectively achieve the medical digital marketing objectives and goals we listed above?

There’re thousands of healthcare’s websites (e.g. allows posting sponsored medicare services, banners display and healthcare press releases), and there’re hundreds of general online platforms out there; also, there’re 6 elements of digital marketing out there to employ – search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, internet display advertising, and influencers marketing. It is advisable to use multiple sources.  I can’t absolutely guide you here, as there is no an all-conquering approach to it; they’re all depending on advertising budgets, marketing duration, healthcare regulatory body for marketing your type of medical solutions, digital marketing period, strategies, creative types, the country your target patients are, etc.  All these will determine the channels to use and effectiveness.

how to do digital marketing for hospitalsIf you don’t know how to go about all these tools and information, and sites; hire a healthcare digital marketing agency to guide, plan strategize, and do all the digital marketing management for you.  Agency will save you time, stress, and at the same time ensure that all the digital marketing strategies and implementations are handled professionally. For example, has digital marketing packages for doctors, and different packages for hospitals and clinics (depending on the category you fall into) and the agency will help you do a professional and complete digital marketing.

These are Digital Marketing Guides for Doctors and Hospitals.