How to Get Buyers for Real Estate in Nigeria

In this article today titled “How to get buyers for real estate in Nigeria – 4 Simple Strategies ” we will briefly look at how landlords can get buyers for real estate in Nigeria, and make sales of properties in any part of Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Kaduna, PortHarcourt, etc.

There are many ways on how to get buyers for real estate in Nigeria, listed below are 4 common ways real estate companies/sellers can get buyers for real estate in Nigeria.

1. Inform Real Estate Agents

No matter where you are located in Nigeria, or where your real estate is situated, there are real estate agents/realtors existing there. Look around and search for these agents whether in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Kaduna, or just anywhere in Nigeria, just visit their offices and inform them about your real estate in Nigeria for sale/lease/buy. These agents do have buyers that have told them they are looking for particular properties; your real estate can easily be sold this way. Aside from this, real estate buyers in Nigeria do visit these agents/realtors for enquiries of properties in different parts of Nigeria. These real estates agents some of them are properties’ consultants, as a result, serve as real estate influencers in Nigeria.

2. Recruit Commission Agents

This is a common trend in the real estate business in Nigeria today and a good way on how to get buyers for real estate in Nigeria.  As a landlord you can get people from places such as streets, workplaces, schools, etc., to help your get buyers or renters for your properties. Depending on the price tag of the property, some landlords and companies take this further by training these real estate commission agents, give them temporary ID cards, uniforms, etc; to fully represent the landlord/company as they prospect for real estate buyers in Nigeria. One major advantage of this method is these people some of them know people (relatives, colleagues, neighbors, friends, etc) who can afford or buy/rent the property and simply market to them and get your property sold/rented faster.

3. Traditional Media

You can use a media buying agency in Nigeria, to help you place adverts on Television and Radio to advertise real estate in Nigeria. This is one of the great ways on how to get buyers for real estate in Nigeria; when potential buyers see it on TV or listen to Radio, they tend to believe and be more convinced that the properties are real.   If Television or Radio adverts in Nigeria are too expensive; another traditional media worth paying attention is posters.  You can get your poster professionally designed and printed in Nigeria by AdHang for your real estate advertising.  The poster is a good way on how to get buyers for real estate in Nigeria.

 4. Internet Marketing

With the advent of the internet, you can get buyers for real estate in Nigeria via the internet: from real estate listing sites, search engine marketing, to social media marketing of real estate in Nigeria. There are so many marketing strategies involved in getting buyers for real estate in Nigeria via the internet.

If you do not know how to go about the real estate marketing via the internet, hire AdHang, the world’s top real estate marketing agency located in Lagos, and the agency can market real estate across 36 states in Nigeria and beyond.  

When you hire AdHang, things to achieve with the agency’s marketing services

i want to sell my property in lagos

• Awareness in Lagos, Abuja, and beyond about the properties
• Ranking the properties in search engines like google, Bing, and Yahoo for prospects who search for similar properties
• Educating real estates’ potential buyers about the properties
• Getting enquiries from potential buyers across the state(s)
• Buyers calling for inspections about your properties
• Getting sales/rents of the properties

If you want to learn the Nigerian internet real estate marketing yourself; i.e., how to get buyers for real estate in Nigeria via the internet. Then read a comprehensive real estate internet marketing in Nigeria written by gurus itself by clicking here.

This is how to get buyers for real estate in Nigeria.