How to Market a Product Online In Nigeria

How to market a product online in Nigeria, in this guide, we will be looking at how products can be marketed online in Nigeria and get sales from any part of Nigeria. It does not matter the type of product you want to market online in Nigeria, this guide is applicable whether impulse or specialty product; cosmetics, movie or app, car, etc. Also, it is applicable whether you are a manufacturer or an intermediary such as a wholesaler, distributor, or commission agent who wants to market a product online.

I guess you may be expecting me to start listing platforms for online marketing in Nigeria, or websites for advertising products online in Nigeria, or online marketplaces in Nigeria.  While all these are necessary, they are not the first thing to talk about in the online marketing ecosystem.  The title of this article is “how to marketing a product online in Nigeria” so I will teach you here how to market a product online in Nigeria. I am going to be brief.

The Product to market

So let us get started with the first thing first: the product to market online in Nigeria.  Your product, is it in a regulated sector like the health sector (for example, non-OTC medicine, etc)? Or it is platforms’ censored products like beer or generally accepted products like beverages such as milk.  What the product is all about will determine how to market the product online in Nigeria, and online marketing channels to employ in Nigeria.

What segment does the product target?

To get started in marketing a product online in Nigeria, you need to know the target customers you want to reach with your products.  Are the customers’ males, females, old or young adults? Are you looking at business executives or just general workers?  This will determine how to market the product online in Nigeria as this will go a long way in helping you in segmentation of the online marketing.

Who is the persona for the product?

The next thing to understand in how to market a product online in Nigeria is the persona that you want to reach. For example, AdHang an online marketing agency in Nigeria, its target clients are Nigerian companies’ executives, while the personas are CEOs, CMO, and COO because these are mostly the personas that make the marketing decisions on the agency to hire for their online marketing in Nigeria.

What is the objective of the online marketing of the product in Nigeria?

On how to market a product online in Nigeria; it is imperative to know the exact objective of the marketing of the product online in Nigeria? Your objective can be to create awareness about the product, increase sales, educate the market, remind the prospects about your activeness in the market, build or repair public opinion, etc.

So all these will enable you to some extent to know where your product stands and where it should go, and will greatly influence the selection of the next options.

What Budget do you have to market your product online in Nigeria

Another important factor in how to market your product online in Nigeria is the budget. Online advertising rates in Nigeria differ from one platform to the other. Therefore, your online marketing budget will determine how far you will go in employing platforms and sources to advertise your product online in Nigeria. Although there are free online platforms to list your products such as, for best online exposure in Nigeria, you need hundreds of online platforms in Nigeria to display your products and reach millions of Nigerians.

Which component of online marketing is to be used?

There are 6 components of online marketing which are internet display advertising, search engine marketing, social media marketing, influencers marketing, content marketing, and mobile marketing.  All other aspects of online marketing fall under any of the stated components, for example, under content marketing you have article marketing, video marketing, newsletter, press release, etc. 

Therefore, making the choice of components of online marketing to use will be guided by other factors such as the objective of marketing the product online in Nigeria. For example, if your objective is to increase sales, you can employ search marketing, because this will help you reach prospects who are actively searching for your category of products online in Nigeria;  if your objective is to run reminder advertising,  internet display advertising works best; to create awareness, social media promotion does well at that; if your objective is to educate the market and establish as an authority online in Nigeria, content marketing using Nigerian blogs, news sites, and online forums is the way to go, and so.

 Note that each of these components of online marketing can further be broken down, for example, in search engine marketing there are SEO and sponsored ads, etc. In social media,  there are at least 7 categories of social media such as file sharing (popular sites include Slideshare, Issuu, etc ), photo sites (popular sites include Pinterest, Instagram, etc), social networking sites (popular sites include Facebook, Linkedin, etc), wikis sites (popular sites include, Wikia, Aboutus, etc,) news aggregators (popular sites include Reddit, Fark, Feedly, etc), forum sites ( e.g.,, etc) video sites ( popular sites include Vimeo, Youtube, etc).

The online advertising creatives to use

Creative refers to the online advertising piece you want to use to convey your message to your target audience such as internet banner, video, whitepaper, headline, article, testimony, review, picture, info-graphic, press release, case-study, etc. Your answers to the previous questions will determine the online advertising creatives. For example, if your objective of advertising your products in Nigeria is to create awareness, internet banner advertising will do that; if your objective is to educate your prospects, you need articles, videos, etc; if the goal is to make sales, you will need testimony, case study, demo, etc. Although advertising for sales depends on the nature of the product you want to advertise in Nigeria, and your expertise to market to consumers at different levels of purchasing journey ( Cold, Warm and Hot).

Guide on Marketing Products Online in Africa

Now, what do you need to do to market a product online in Nigeria?

To start marketing your product online in Nigeria now, put all the above together and narrow everything down by identifying your target audience, marketing objectives, the budget, create all the advertising materials, choose online marketing components and platforms, and pay the sites’ owners to run your sponsored adverts and contents.

This means doing the online marketing yourself if you have the expertise if you do not have the marketing expertise or the time to do the marketing, for great results hire AdHang to help you do all the above and more. AdHang, an online marketing agency in Nigeria and one of the Top Social Media Branding Companies that has helped brands across the globe to do digital marketing in Nigeria.  With over a decade of experience marketing products online in Nigeria, AdHang has the professionals, tools, and technologies to achieve your online marketing objectives faster and easier in Nigeria than you ever thought possible. To hire AdHang, click here to see digital marketing packages.

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