Digital Marketing for Realtors in Africa

Every business space in Nigeria is going through a shift with regards to leads generation and sales. I’m sure you have noticed that knocking door to door (D2D Marketing) or Cold calls won’t cut it anymore. Whether you’re still finding your feet in the real estate game or you’re a seasoned realtor in Nigeria, you need to step up your game with Digital Marketing.

This article will discuss Digital marketing for realtors in Nigeria and how you as a realtor could benefit from it.

Digital Marketing is simply internet Marketing. It is how brands such as yourself promote themselves through the internet and other forms of digital media. I’m talking about email, blog, social media, text, and other web-based advertising.  

You might be wondering how these can help you gain more leads as realtors so, let’s have a little trivia…

Can you guess the internet subscribers in Nigeria? As of January 2021, 104.4 million people were active internet users in Nigeria and, roughly a 33milion Nigerians were on social media. This data is meant for you to have an idea of how much reach you could enjoy if you divert a bit of your budget towards digital marketing.

Let’s say the affluent people interested in buying your homes are just 10 in number, weeding through millions of no’s and tons of awkward encounters will be easier. Let’s not forget risk reduction as well, giving the times we’re in.

If your brand hasn’t been online, you first have to invest in BRAND BUILDING. You can do this on your own or hire an expert to help with the dirty work. The strategies I’d be leaving with you today will help cement your identity online and help you close some successful deals over time.

Growing your brand online will require two main models

Paid advertising requires you to employ the services of recognized brands or search engines that have more reach to your customers than you. Organic strategies, on the other hand, don’t require any form of payment. Although some realtors in Nigeria employ one more than the other, it is advised that you adopt both models in your Digital Marketing Campaign.

Now speaking of strategies, any Realtor digital Marketing guide you follow must drill you on at LEAST one of the following strategies:

Search Engine Display Advert: This is also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or internet search advertising. It allows you to attract and build a customer base faster. With SEM, you can directly display your paid ads amongst the results of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

You may have noticed on your Google search that some results bear the tag-Ad on the left-hand side of your screen.

It works via an auction-based system where you and your competitors bid for keywords.

Keywords are text that people are likely to type in a search engine. While choosing a keyword, you’d want to pick one with high volume and low competition. Of course, this isn’t the only criteria to meet.

The quality of your ad will also come into play here. If you’re not so good with copywriting, you might need help from a professional or else, your ad won’t be picked.

Content Marketing: Before we dive deeper into this, one might ask, “What is content.” Content is anything (Image, video, sound, or text) that educates, motivates, or entertains.

Content is a powerful tool in Digital Marketing because, apart from lead generation, it helps you build trust with clients. For a fact, people won’t entrust their dreams in your hands if they don’t see some level of authenticity in you. Content helps you build this.

Content Marketing strategies differ with the medium of choice (Image, video, sound, or text) and the distribution channel (Email, blog, social media, website, etc.). In Nigeria, a lot of realtors use Video content to show off Real Estate to potential clients. A good Realtor digital marketing guide would include a content plan and a calendar for each of your distribution channels available to your brand.

Blogging: Reading this article must have shown you the use of a blog. Yes, this is a blog. Where you can educate, motivate or entertain your audience with content. If you have experience with clients, you can base your articles on common questions asked by them. Realtors shy away from blogging due to lack of time or, maybe they’ve run out of content to post. Hiring a pro can fix that.

SEO: This means Search Engine Optimization and, it’s a necessary strategy in Digital marketing for realtors in Nigeria. Let’s go back to a typical Google search. Notice how under the ads section is a list of organic posts with answers to your question. That’s as a result of excellent keyword research and SEO. Successful Real Estate brands in Nigeria rank higher by arranging relevant keywords correctly.

Internet Banner Advertising: This one’s easy. If you look around the following pages, you’ll notice some ads rotating inside.

Yeah, those are internet banners. You can use them for brand advertising purposes and brand building.

NOTE: All these strategies have the potential to triple your current sales record, only when executed perfectly. Content creation alone requires a lot of tinkering and it must be tailored to your ideal client’s needs in order for you to obtain your desired response.  The same goes for all the other strategies listed. Luckily, that’s where we as a Digital Marketing agency in Nigeria come in.

There’s a thing about correct market positioning that leads to a different kind of problem- Too many clients. Our agency, AdHang is equipped with the right resources to position your brand correctly on the internet for you to attract paying customers. You can confirm this with the data on our website.

Before you go, I’d like to leave you with a little piece of information. The upper-class part of Lagos State, is filled with lots of vacant houses. Why? Surprisingly, this is not totally due to the economy rather, most new realtors don’t know how to attract affluent customers in this age. 

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