Search Engine Optimization Cost in Nigeria

Search engine optimization cost in Nigeria is determined by many factors- it is generally depending on your objectives, budget, and duration you want the SEO campaign to run. This brief explanation is for you, it is meant to open your eyes to things to look out for and where to get a clear search engine optimization cost.

Are you looking for a search engine optimization cost in Nigeria? Or asking what are the best SEO packages out there in Nigeria?

Listed below are 5 factors that determine search engine optimization cost in Nigeria:

Cost of SEO in Nigeria

The Number of Pages on Your Website:  How many pages do you want to optimize? If you have 60 pages you want to optimize, your cost will be different from a company that wants to optimize two pages or one page.  A huge number of pages will need more keywords and works, therefore require a higher cost to do than a page. For example, AdHang’s SEO cost in Nigeria as of the time of writing this is about N150, 000 for the maximum of two pages, and 10 keywords/phrases.

The Condition of Your Website:  Is your website search engine friendly? Is it an old site with outdated applications and coding practices? Your company’s website might need to be reconstructed if not search engine friendly – the cost has to be factored in. But if the website is well structured, maybe the only parts that are remaining are Meta tags and keywords insertion, these will make the work easier and cheaper.

Your Competition: your competitors are they working tireless and shooting at every SEO direction in Nigeria? If you are in an industry that understands the importance of SEO in Nigeria, you have to work constantly from on-page to backlink building, in order to be at the top and remain there; therefore the SEO will cost you monthly.  When I say competitors I do not mean only those you know, I meant all the people targeting and ranking high on the keywords you want to target in Nigeria.

Your Aggressiveness Level:  how aggressive do you want your search engine optimization to be? Do you want a simple SEO campaign or do you want to be everywhere and showing in virtually all keywords in your industry? This means an increase in search engine optimization costs in Nigeria because the higher the number of keywords and pages the more the costs of the SEO in Nigeria.

Ongoing Services: do you want to have a one-off search engine optimization cost in Nigeria? Or do you want constant SEO campaign all-around major search engines? This will further determine the overall search engine optimization cost in Nigeria. For example, in AdHang there is a monthly SEO cost, which is about N390, 000 as of the time of writing this.

In conclusion, you can see that there are many factors to determine search engine optimization cost in Nigeria – depending on your objectives, budget, and duration, etc. However, if you want a simplified and straight-to-the-point SEO cost in Nigeria visit AdHang’s SEO page.

SEO Costs in Nigeria