Healthcare marketing communications agency in Nigeria AdHang is an agency based in Nigeria, with expertise in healthcare marketing communications, working with medical firms to transform health of Nigerians and Africans. AdHang can help your medical firm, whether it provides medical services or sells products, to reach millions of Nigerian subscribers, customers and potential buyers.


Being number one healthcare marketing communications agency in Nigeria and entire Africa, and the first internet public enlightenment agency in Africa, AdHang can help you solve your healthcare marketing communications problems. There are different marketing communications problems AdHang can solve, which are:


  • If your healthcare products or services are not yet known by millions of Nigerians

AdHang will plan and run informative online advertising and create massive awareness for your medical brand across Nigeria.


  • Do your healthcare customers or potential buyers not understanding what your product or service all about or getting confused about your firm’s offering?

AdHang will design and carry out internet public enlightenment campaign to educate your customers and potential buyers what your firm, product and service are all about and how the brand solves their problems.


  • Is your healthcare product or service well known, but the brand lack adequate sales or need to increase its market share in Nigeria?

AdHang will help your firm create persuasive advertising, which will bring about convictions, liking; also will employ points-of-parity and points-of-difference campaigns; these will accelerate your brand recall and recognition all over Nigeria, thus, stimulating demands and increasing sales of your brand across the nation.


  • Is your healthcare niche highly competitive or your brand has been forgotten by the market or your product/service requires frequent purchase?

AdHang will plan and run reminder internet advertising to encourage repeat purchase by current customers and create active-brand perception to the potential customers.


  • Are your most customers after purchase feeling like returning the product or asking for a refund after a service has been rendered? Or is your brand has huge number of potential buyers, who are aware of your brand and what it does, but are reluctant to make a purchase?

AdHang will strategize and create reinforcement marketing campaigns: tactically building the firm’s reputation and trust; depicting happy customers enjoying the product; showcasing capabilities, demonstrating credibility, etc.


The list of marketing communications problems can go on and on. Above are few problems AdHang can help your healthcare firm solve. You can download the agency’s “Brief template” here. This will enable your medical firm to list your marketing communications problems you want AdHang to help your firm solve in Nigeria.


Important to note: AdHang has over ten years experience in marketing communications, and has biggest, most advanced and comprehensive marketing set of tools and technologies. Also, has in place sophisticated healthcare marketing veterans to dedicate and work on your medical brand around the clock in Nigeria or entire Africa.


With years of experience working in healthcare industry, there are different parties to satisfy, which will involve series of routine works, thus, making it difficult to average internet marketing persons or agency out there to market healthcare product or service. Mistake on any of the below can hurt the brand big time.


When AdHang runs internet marketing communications, below are parties that must be satisfied:


Party i.  Global community, and parent’s company or the manufacturer or partners

Solution: The online advertising must follow international best practices and standard.


Party ii.  General public and regulatory authorities

Solution: All campaigns must be family friendly and maintain industry standards.


Party iii. Internet platforms and online sources

Solution: All creative materials must follow online channels terms and conditions in marketing your type of healthcare product or service.


Party iv. Customers, end users and potential buyers

Solution:  Communications must be clear and all digital marketing works, formats and promotions must be well-matched and painstakingly viewed in devices such as desktops, tablets, laptops, smart phones, feature phones, etc.


Party v. Your healthcare firm

Solution: Every marketing communications from planning, start to finish and campaigns execution must focus on the firm’s marketing objectives and goals filled in the brief.


Lastly, imaginations must be balanced with healthcare marketing principles and the advertisement in Nigeria will be managed and run in such a way that is accurate, complete, and clear and design to promote credibility and trust by the Nigerian general public and health care practitioners.


To get started in hiring AdHang Click here to see approach and process the agency will use to capture Nigerian healthcare market for the firm.



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