Which digital marketing is best

Which digital marketing is best? There are 6 components of digital marketing an entity can use to reach its target audience in Nigeria, Africa, or globally.

What are these components of digital marketing? In no
particular order, there are search engine marketing, mobile marketing, content
marketing, influencers marketing, internet display advertising, and of course social
media marketing. These are different angles to digital marketing or online

Now, the question is which digital marketing is the best, in other words, which component of the digital marketing is the best for an entity.

Let us break down the obvious strengths each of the digital marketing components has and their respective two or more weaknesses; then, this can help your entity to determine which digital marketing is the best.

Search engine marketing, this includes organic and paid

Strengths: contextual ads (it shows your ads to relevant or related contents), it shows ad to people who are searching for particular keywords/phrases (they could be looking for service/product you offer, subject matter, etc), you can start getting traffics instantly, etc.  Weaknesses:  for the organic, you have to spend a lot of money/time to move up in search ranking, and may wait for some months to see results; while the paid, immediately you stop paying the ads will stop showing, etc.

Mobile marketing

Strengths: it connects people easily; there are more mobile users than desktop users, people can be reached by the type of phone they use, etc. Weaknesses: users can block your ads, wrong data could lead to wrong targeting, e.g., sending SMS to an audience in Abuja and it turns out they are in Lagos, and other states, etc.

Content marketing

Strengths: it remains online forever; people can download, share, like and bookmark it, etc. Some examples are infographic, case study, press release, article, etc.  Weaknesses: Not good for time-sensitive ads like an event, materials can be outdated, it is hard to track all the contents, people can steal the content, and your PR/article can be modified against you, etc.

Influencers marketing

Strengths: using opinion leaders to do the marketing on your behalf, it helps to convince the target audience easily, etc. Weaknesses: a future bad behavior of an influencer can work against the brand, it may be expensive to hire an influencer, etc.

Internet display advertising

Strengths:  it helps with branding effects; it catches users’ attention easily, etc. Weaknesses: your banners will stop displaying when you stop paying, internet users can block the adverts, etc.

Social media marketing

Strengths: it reaches younger people easily, people spend more time on social media, content are easily shared, the possibility of going viral, etc.  Weaknesses: less targeted (most times untargeted beyond country/city, gender, and age), ads can appear on inappropriate content, etc.


AdHang was able to list types of digital marketing, strengths, and weaknesses for you. However, which digital marketing is best for your entity bothers on many factors such as budget, time frame, the expertise of the digital marketers, the objective you want to achieve, goals, and duration of the digital marketing.

These suggest there is no single best digital marketing to use, it often requires a combination of digital marketing components and other factors mentioned above. For example, if you want to create awareness, the best digital marketing for that are social media marketing and internet display advertising; if you want sales, the best are search engine marketing and mobile marketing (depending on the nature of the business and other factors though); if you want to educate the target audience and convince them, the best are content marketing and influencers marketing.

Bonus Hint: Where digital marketing is used

Digital marketing is used on marketing or advertising the following:

Product:  TV, Movie, App, Cosmetics, etc.

Service: Airline, Banking/Accounting, Public speaking, etc.

Event: Carnival, Concert, Summit, Rally, etc.

Place: City, Country (like Dubai), Tourism, etc.

Person: Activist, Politician, Musician, etc.

Information: School and school, Book, etc..

More categories of things digital marketing can be used on can be seen here.

where digital marketing is used

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