Digital advertising can be generally classified into four; this article looks into the classification of internet digital advertising, in addition, mentioned popular tools commonly used to harness each of them.

advertising Nigeria1. To inform

This digital advertising classification is about creating awareness, generating publicity, educating the target audience, etc. This is commonly used when target audiences are not yet aware of products, services, or the issue (in the case of nonprofit organizations’ campaigns). For example, when a product is newly launched to the marketplace there will be a need to create an awareness to let the potential customers, buyers, or subscribers know about its existence.

Needless to say, you can’t create awareness targeted at existing customers unless there is an innovation or improvement in the product or services; but can create awareness to target a new segment of prospects. Also, in the case of an institution such as schools, churches, and governments it is used to enlighten the masses or general public on a given issue e.g. engaging members and targeted public about activities, policy change, new regulation; educating Nigerians citizens about their right, warning them about danger, letting them know what is required of them, etc.

Common tools used in digital advertising Inform-objective are press releases, news, interviews, internet banners, and online webinar.

internet advertising2. To persuade

This internet digital advertising classification is about stimulating demand, increasing sales, and establishing a brand in the marketplace; in the case of nonprofit organizations such as Government, it’s used to get the populace to take action, encourage a change of behaviors; in case of public figures such as politicians, activists, etc, to get people to vote, corner supporters, attract followers, etc.

Persuade-objective works best and easier when the target audiences are already aware of the subject matter; products and services: there should be an awareness and education first, which will enable the target audience or prospect to make an informed decision; especially if it’s not a product that can be bought or consumed on impulse.

Common tools used in digital advertising persuade-objective are sales articles, salesman videos, demos, testimonies, case studies, reviews, influencers, proposal documents, email and white papers.

adverts3. To Remind

This internet digital advertising classification is about reminding the audiences, customers, or potential buyers who have come across, seen and heard about the matter, products or services. There’s a popular saying that “out of mind is out of sight”, reminder aspect of digital advertising is important where there is a high level of competitors, oppositions, and the product in question is a product purchased and consumed frequently.

This is used to constantly restore the brand, company name or the subject matter to people’s minds and win mind-share; and possibly get attention aware from rivals.

Common tools used in digital advertising Remind-objective are online banners, logo, contextual ads, search network display, online event sponsor, donating to charities online, public speaking and publishing the video, engaging on what is in the news, funny videos, interactive ads formats like a poll, etc.

Digital campaigns4. To Reinforce

This internet advertising classification helps to force upon people’s notice of what they have heard; seen, or come across that can make them take action or already the reasons they have taken action or need to take action. For example, one consumer behavior book reviewed that after most customers bought a product they would start to hear good things about the competing brand. In some cases, start seeing what is bad about the product they just bought and look for the possibility of returning it for a refund because they’re not sure if the wise choice is made.

This is where reinforce digital advertisement comes in, to let the customers know they have made the wisest choice, by reinforcing features and benefits cues associated with the products or services, which will foster their confidence that they have made the right choice by choosing your brand or company. This tells why buyers who are not good at shopping (or not sure about what to expect) buy the popular brand as it makes them feel they have made the best choice and save.

Common tools used in digital advertising Reinforce-objective are frequently asked questions page, infographics showcasing benefits, manuals showing the ease of use, success story articles, online photos exemplifying end result, banners, etc.