Video online marketingIn June 2015, comScore reported on its Video Metrix that about 33 billion videos were watched on the Internet. Furthermore, 11 billion videos that were related to advertising only were also watched in the same month. This number has continued to increase drastically since then.

For instance, comparing this figure to the number of video Ads that were watched in May of 2015, 1 billion more videos adverts were watched in June. This is as the number of video adverts that was watched in May stood at 10 billion videos. Professionals for marketing are thus looking forward to exploiting the strategies for marketing with online video as part of their strategy for marketing.

The reason why online videos are becoming more important by the day is due to the several benefits of online videos in marketing. Here are 5 benefits of online video marketing.


  1. High Rankings in Search Engine Results

Despite the high number of videos that are on the Internet, there are even much more webpages. Based on this it is easier for people to see your video in search results than for them to see your web page.

The secret behind this however is that your video must be properly optimized. Once you use the right SEO techniques and keywords, a lot of people would be able to see your video on the Internet. Webpages have just about 2 percent probability of showing up in a search engine result compared to videos.

If you therefore want to rank high in google, you will have to ensure that you upload a lot of videos about your business on the Internet. You will also have to make sure that the videos are properly optimized. The videos should also be of high voice and video quality. Apart from all of these, what will really drive the conversion is when the videos are convincing. Once you can correctly put all of these factors in place, then you would be able to benefit immensely from online video marketing.


  1. Increasing Traffic and Conversion

As more people continue to watch online videos and patronize products advertised through online video marketing, the vital nature of online video marketing have continued to increase. Statistics have shown that the following advantages have accrued from online videos: more purchasing of about 24 percent, physical visits of stores of about 30 percent, more visitors of about 55 percent as well as more calls for business at about 18 percent.

The enticing and graphically rich nature of videos makes it easier to get users attracted to your video. Prospective buyers who have watched a video about your business is about 1.6 times more likely to patronize you and purchase your product than a visitor who did not watch any of your video. When your video discusses in details, what an individual is going to get from using your product, a person who is looking for such benefits would be sure to patronize you. Videos have generally being proven to be much more effective than pictures, audios or text alone. Online video marketing would thus be sure to increase traffic and conversion.


  1. Affordability

With modern video technology, it is now very cheap, affordable and easy to make videos. You no longer have to use very high budget to create a video as there are a lot of affordable ways of creating videos.

Taking your video to the Internet is the next step after the video is ready. Online video marketers such as could be contacted to help you with this segment. Online video marketers have several means through which they can help you distribute your video in such a way that people would see and patronize you. You can get all of these are very low prices. The current large viewership of videos would aid in ensuring that you recoup your investment in creating the video as well as making very good traffic. Online marketing using video is thus very paramount to any business that is looking forward to survive in the internet digital business environment.


  1. Available on Demand

Apart from online, the other place where video adverts are common is on billboard and on TVs. While a lot of people now prefer watching videos on the Internet compared to watching TV, most people who watch TV do so for the program and not for the adverts. They are thus often distracted during the adverts as it gives them the opportunity to quickly go get something done before the show continues. Others use this period to talk to people they are watching the program together about what they have just watched or use it to think about the film or other things.

The implication of these is that just very few people get to watch adverts on the tv. This is also similar to video billboards, where people are driving past, in a hurry or concentrating on what they are driving and the activities around them. People driving past a billboard, in most cases, just get to see a part of the video and not the full video. The few part they saw might not be convincing enough to encourage them to buy the product.

Online video marketing is however available on demand as an individual can watch the video over and over again for as long as he/she wants. He could download and copy them to his mobile phone or other devices.


  1. Appeal to Audience

Properly done videos of very high qualities have the ability to appeal to people. Several people prefer to watch videos than to read. Furthermore, the information that can be delivered in a short video would need to be carefully and comprehensively explained in text. It would take longer time for an individual to read and digest the information than it would take for the person, if the same information is on video. Once your video is exciting, the link would be sent around and more people would get to see the video and visit your store or website to order for a product. A good way to get up to 30 percent free conversion for your business is through internet videos marketing.