7 Online Promotion Techniques in Nigeria

In these online promotion techniques in Nigeria we will be looking at ways in which entities can effectively promote anything online and get results in Nigeria in a long run.  These online promotion techniques in Nigeria are for companies that want to promote products and services, institutions that want to engage masses, event organizers that need to attract participants in event, and so on. There are many techniques to promote online in Nigeria, however, this article will only state 7 of the lasting techniques and explain.

Listed below are the 7 online promotion techniques in Nigeria:

  1. Blog
  2. Whitepaper
  3. E-book
  4. Infograph
  5. News letter
  6. Press release
  7. SEO


Blog is an online journal that makes it possible to write about a particular interest you have.  Nigerians visit blogs to read and study about things that are important to them; with a blog you can promote anything you want to promote either as posts, pages, or advertising banners in the blog. You can have a standalone blog like this www.247healthblog.com or have it attached to your website if you have one, like www.perfectvisualhost.com/blog,  whatever way you choose, you can share links of the blog’s posts to any source whenever a post is made.


Is the product you want to promote in Nigeria technical in nature, complex or meant for sophisticated personnel? Whitepaper allows you to break everything down for easy understanding, and then circulate it online where it can be downloaded by Nigerians. Whitepaper is one of great online promotion techniques in Nigeria mostly for business to business products and services.


Do you want to establish your brand in Nigeria as an authority in the industry and be trusted by Nigerians? Write an e-book educating the target Nigerians how to solve their problems and demonstrating solutions available for them in different angles.  There are many reasons E-book might be the main online promotion technique to reach, sell and convert Nigerian leads and prospects; reasons such as censored products,  high risk investment, operating in  industries that don’t allow self advertising, etc.


Do you want to promote to Nigerians using images, pictures and illustrations? Infographic is the right online promotion technique in Nigeria for your brand, product or anything you want to promote.  With well designed and structured infographics you can present to millions of Nigerians your solutions. After the info graph is designed, you will need to publish it across tens of images and infographics sharing sites on the internet. 

News letter

Do you want to promote anything through email marketing in Nigeria? News letter is the solution, and one of online promotion techniques in Nigeria that helps you to reach Nigerians directly via their emails. Apart from the Nigerians’ recipients reading the email right away, with emails in their email accounts, they can always use search box to locate it again whenever they search.  You can hire AdHang for email marketing in Nigeria or do it yourself if you have the emails and system to send bulk emails.

Press release

Do you want your product, service, brand, or event to be in the news? Or even go viral all over the internet in Nigeria? Write press release and have it published and shared in hundreds of platforms in Nigeria and news sites visited by Nigerians.  Note that AdHang can help you to publish your press release to hundreds of platforms and sites on the internet.


Do you need to be appearing in search engines whenever Nigerians are searching about your product, services or looking for information related to what you deal on? Search engine optimization is the solution. SEO is online promotion technique in Nigeria that always works for all manner of products, services and entities targeting Nigeria.  Not sure how to go about search engine optimization? Hire AdHang to help you rank No. 1 in search engine in Nigeria.

Here are the 7 online promotion techniques in Nigeria that last. You can make use of the techniques that applicable to what you want to promote, or make use of all.

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