Today, we will be looking at ways to increase brand presence online in Nigeria. Unless Nigerians know your company’s brand name, products, and services existence; it will not effectively reach its target market, increase sales and profits. There are many ways to increase brand presence online in Nigeria. In this post, I will be limiting the write-up to 7 common ways.

Listed below are 7 ways to increase brand presence online in Nigeria:

1. Website: Having a website that is targeted at Nigeria is one of the ways to increase brand presence online, all contents, internet brands interaction, and activities online start and lead to websites. With a website, not only your company increases people’s trust in your brand; it tells your target audience that your brand is serious and ready for business.  Website consists of three things, which are web hosting, web address, and content/designing.

2. Article: Article that is targeted at Nigeria is one of the major ways to increase brand presence online in Nigeria. It can be done under different names and shapes, such as online community posts, update in the timeline, sales page content, review, case study, and white paper. It all depends on the purpose and what you call them; because, a single article can be repurposed in different ways. E.g., Newsletter, eBook, etc. Once your company writes it, it can be distributed or shared across online platforms such as social networking sites, blogs, and so on.

3. Infographics: Designing an Info-graph that is targeted at Nigeria and publishing it across online channels is one of the ways to increase brand presence online in Nigeria.  Different online sites allow the publishing of info-graphs. The good news about this is that if the public finds it interesting, they will further download and share it among their friends, colleague, and families, and so on.

4. Fan Page: Creating and designing fan page that is targeted at Nigeria is one of the common ways to increase brand presence online in Nigeria.  A growing number of Nigerians are using social networking sites to do many things, such as sharing and reading the information, entertaining friends, and meeting people. There are thousands of social networking sites out there that allow setting and designing fan pages free without any hindrance.  There are popular and unpopular sites, popularity does not mean effectiveness, look for social online sites that your target audience is using. E.g.

5. Online Forum Participation: Online forum in Nigeria/Africa is one of the great ways to increase brand presence online in Nigeria. In social media categories, a forum is one major way of building brand promotion that lasts. Unlike social networking sites, when you post content on forums, not only it is easily indexed by search engines, posts cannot be buried as a result of users’ participation: there are sections, boards, titles, and categories that make finding posts easier.
Note: Online forums are internet communities where people discuss issues, ask questions, and learn from one another; please do not go to forums and be posting adverts about your brand, you may be banned. Put your brand message/advert in signature and be participating in threads, each post you make carries your signature, the more you post, the more people see your brand message/advert. I recommend AdHang uses Cokoye a lot.

6. Video:  Video is a great online advertising tool, using video to increase brand presence is gradually becoming an online marketing standard. There are different types of videos – a whiteboard, live, and animation video.  When you create your brand video, you can use many ways to get the video across to your target audience. In video sharing platforms there are the in-stream method, on-display method, and sharing/distribution method.

7. Images/Photos: Having images or photos of your brand targeted at Nigeria is a simple, unpopular, but powerful way to increase brand presence online in Nigeria. The search engine has been doing a great job in indexing as many photos/images as it can fine. What this means is that when people search keywords related to your brand, what your company sells, and the company’s name; your brand photos will appear. An additional benefit is if people find your image/photo interesting, they can share it, use it in posts, etc. This way you will be tactically spreading your brand tentacles around the internet.

These are 7 ways to increase brand presence online in Nigeria. To have all the above require works and expertise to professionally strategize, plan design concepts and create them to flawlessly represent a brand and convey the perfect messages to the audience in Nigeria.  For professional works and online advertising in Nigeria, hire AdHang, a world-class online advertising agency based in Nigeria, with over 15 years of experience in online presence creation in Nigeria and across Africa’s continent.