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AdHang helps to market product or services in Nigeria, promotes business online. Also,the agency advertises event, carries out public enlightenment, and political campaign.

Nigeria Lagos – October 14, 2016 – AdHang is a full-service online digital advertising agency in Nigeria. AdHang launched a new logo, apart from exceptional digital marketing services the agency provides to Nigerians, to further differentiates itself in the internet digital marketing industry. We provide services to businesses to help them grow digitally. We provide state of the art internet digital marketing. AdHang team asks questions and will carefully listen and then by studying and evaluating the target audience of the businesses and marketing objectives, we then draw a road map which focuses on the key performance indicators. The final output campaign will be such that it will totally appeal to the target audience so that the company’s goal can be reached. The whole process is controlled by AdHang. Our team creates all the necessary material required for online digital marketing which includes digital banner ads formats in sizes and strategically digital marketing campaigns.


We ensure that the target audience has a consistent focus and that is done by sophistical internal promotional elements. The advertisements created by our team is shown on various online sources and platforms such as Google and its partner websites, we also showcase them on Yahoo and its partner sites, this way our client can be sure that they are getting the maximum reach required by their business. With the professional services provided by us, we have become the favorite internet marketing agency. Facebook is a very important media for advertising, our team ensures that the advertisements are shown on Facebook ads sponsored sections, they are also shown on Nigerian vanguard newspaper online, Cokoye sponsored site’s locations, LinkedIn’s ads sponsored sections, Cokoye’s banners sections, Nigerian Tribune newspaper online, Bing (Microsoft Adcenter), Nigerian online forums and much more. With this kind of coverage, the client has assured a very high reach amongst the target audience they have planned.

Our writers write educational articles relating to the client’s subject matter and they will then post them on top internet discussion forums. Short videos for an explanation, demos or reviews are also posted. These videos are then shared on over 80 video-sharing websites by our team. When the content is ready, a press release is also written and published on over 500 online press release media websites. We follow a global code of conduct and principles and hence make it easy for companies, event organizers, and other institutions to aggressively reach millions of Nigeria’s masses via the internet. AdHang helps businesses to market products/services in Nigeria, it also helps promote events, and carry out public enlightenment; give services to public figure campaigns such as political campaigns and internet public relation.

About AdHang


AdHang is an Internet marketing agency that focuses on the needs of its clients to provide maximum coverage online. AdHang has many years of experience in this field. AdHang uses different mediums like advertisements on Google, and Yahoo to give the client maximum reach. AdHang team also designs all the material required and videos is also incorporated in the plan to get effective coverage. The client is given assurance of maximum coverage online reaching millions of Nigerian masses.

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AdHang’s office is located at St. Patrick Street, Ojo Alaba International, Lagos, Nigeria. AdHang can also be contacted on mobile line at +2348026251730.