adhang_Nigerian36Digital marketing plan just like other forms of marketing media requires knowing the elements needed in having digital marketing that works.

In this digital marketing plan template, (digital marketing agency) simplified digital marketing plan for you, which will help you to plan and execute an effective internet digital marketing.

Below is the template of the digital marketing plan:

Objectives: e.g. awareness, educating, increase sales, establishing your expertise in the industry, etc.

Situation analysis: e.g. customers, competitors, market and competencies.

Goal: e.g. get 200 subscribers from June 12, 2023, to December 12, 2024, etc.

Budget type: e.g. Naira budget-N720, 000 a month or percentage budget-10% of monthly profit, etc.

Package: e.g. economy, enterprise or premium (based on digital marketing plans prices in packages “click here“).

Strategy: e.g. using content marketing, search marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and internet display ads.

Tactics: e.g. article, video, picture/image, ebook/pdf, online banner, online text display ad, presentation, online slideshow, etc.

Channels/Platforms: e.g. youtube,, Google, Yahoo,, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Action: e.g. Implementation of the plan i.e. putting the plan to work for you.

Control: e.g. measuring, monitoring, updating, modifying, analyzing, evaluate the result and optimizing.

This is the digital marketing plan template. If you’re client we have all these covered in our digital marketing packages for you.

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