Nigerian companies web marketingHow to start a digital campaign in Nigeria is a question many businesses, organizations and agencies are asking. If you’re in need how to start running a campaign in Nigeria, this piece of article is meant to help you start a well planned and an effective digital campaign in Nigeria.  Whether for company who wants to increase sales; organization who wants to build or protect their image online; institution like school, government etc who wants to  engage Nigeria masses or event organizer who wants to run a campaign to attract participants from digital space.


Online digital campaign is a tool to reach people your message is meant for via digital space; this is to say it’s an acceleration of purpose not a purpose itself. Therefore, you start by asking yourself or the organization you represent questions such as what do we want to achieve with this digital campaign in Nigeria. What are the objectives: incase of business is it to increase sales, stimulate a demand for our products etc; incase of event is it to attract participant, create sense of occasion around event etc; incase of public figure campaign is it to build or repair public opinion, attract supporters etc; incase of institution such as government, schools and churches is it to influence the masses, educate Nigerian populace etc.


Next you need to know before you get started in digital campaign are what are your goals. For business goals can be to increase rate of inquiries or subscribers from X percentage to 50% at a particular period of time. Incase of institution like government to reduce rate of road accident from percentage A to percentage B in next 12 months etc. Why did you need all these and be clear about them before starting a digital campaign? Is to enable you have a clear focus where you’re aiming at and map strategies that are consistent in achieve your aims. As I said earlier digital campaign is acceleration of purpose not a purpose itself- contrary to what many media and platforms owners out there will like to make you believe for their own interest.


Nigerian Internet Public Enlightenment AgencyWhat are your target audiences? Are they male, female, or both; what age bracket or Nigeria’s general public? Then where are they located in Nigeria: is it in a particular state or Nigeria as a whole or even entire Africa or the world.  What is your digital campaign budget for accomplishing the set goals as this is one of determinant factors of how effective your campaign can be (especially if you have competitors or rivals in the market or field). And also know the duration the campaign will run in the digital space.


Once you’re clear about your objectives and goals; target audiences, location, budget and duration.  Next is how can the organization go about carrying out the activities above and then accomplishing the digital campaign set goals in Nigeria.  This is where digital campaign expertise comes in. There’re basically three options for your organization as explained below.


You can run it in house if you have the knowledge or the team who have the know-how in digital campaigns in Nigeria. I’m not talking about someone or some people who have an idea (because amateur-web campaigners kill trust, reputation and drill revenues). Instead I’m referring to professionals and well trained digital campaign experts with marketing background. Skills will be needed in areas such as online display, search engine marketing, content marketing, influencers marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing. Each of these areas has component that must be done well in order to get great result e.g content marketing has tools such as articles, videos, press release etc; social media is further divided into forums, social networking, file sharing etc. You need to know what you’re doing especially if you have rivals otherwise use option below.
Nigerian-digital-marketing3You can hire an agency to help you plan, strategize and flawlessly implement all the campaigns activities listed above. Thus, saving you the stress and headache of doing the campaigns in house as you can see above there’re a lot to be taken into consideration. Not to mention that all campaign platforms have requirements and specifications that must be followed. This is where AdHang comes in.  AdHang is a world-class digital campaign agency based in Lagos Nigeria with over ten years of experience in digital campaign field, and first internet public enlightenment agency in West Africa. AdHang has season digital campaign experts to dedicate to your success around the clock, and follows global code of conduct and principles of digital campaigns with highest ethical standard and global best practices.  AdHang will assist you from start to finish building effective digital campaign in Nigeria using multi-channels and all elements of digital campaign approach. And finally will manage the campaigns around the clock for the organization all over the internet.


Your organization can combine the two i.e. using in house and digital campaign agency. For example the organization’s team can manage areas that involve direct contact with target audience such as responding to questions from social media (social networking, forums, blogs etc) while the agency manages the sponsor ads and campaigns. Write articles while the campaign agency publishes the articles around the web etc. Or monitors online campaign activities and target audience behaviors while the agency plan, strategize and run the digital campaigns around the web. The button line here is run the ones you’re great at and out source the other to an agency.


Last but not the least is platforms to be used. Platforms will be selected based on their merits in assisting you to achieve your goals faster not by popularity or because your rivals are using them, because they might not know what they’re doing. Again this is something a campaign agency will help you fine out. If you’re using AdHang, it has default digital campaign platforms plans, which are collection of most powerful online platforms around today.


With this you now know how to start a digital campaign in Nigeria.