Nigerian digital marketing AgencyAdHang is a Nigerian digital marketing agency which has been helping businesses to market their products, and services online to reach their potential customers and buyers faster and easier than ever in Nigeria. As a world-class digital marketing agency in Nigeria, AdHang helps businesses to identify digital marketing opportunities in Nigeria, and capture the market using various latest digital marketing tools and highly competitive technologies.


Listed below are seven reasons Nigerian businesses choose AdHang for their digital marketing in Nigeria:


1. Ability to advertise on multiple online platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft adcenter, and Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Cokoye, Nigerian newspapers online,  etc. All these at a go, and under one contract.  Also, AdHang incorporates multi-element of digital marketing strategies that help to achieve business’s market penetration.

2. Clear packages, and plans (no confusing grammars, and promises), you see what you are paying for right away.

3. Most posted advertising contents remain online after subscriptions end. E.g. videos, articles, etc.

4. Employment of spam free, and ethical means only.

5. AdHang employs selected digital marketing professionals around the world to work on marketing strategies.

6. Companies own copyright to all the advertisement materials.  E.g. articles, press release, banners, advert copy-writing, videos, etc.  Therefore, AdHang forwards every digital marketing contents to clients after their creation. Companies are free to use them for further campaign with AdHang, or somewhere else.

7. AdHang at the end of every digital marketing campaigns,  writes comprehensive report about all digital marketing activities (at least 10 pages), detailing digital marketing performance: number of clicks, views, visitors, locations, etc.  This helps companies make a good decision whether to increase, or decrease their budget, marketing time frame, etc.


Online Marketing NigeriaAdHang as the number one Nigerian digital marketing agency helping businesses to market to Nigerian consumers has a divergent digital marketing professionals, to help you spread your business’s tentacles across the nation, and position and maintain competitive edge in Nigeria’s marketplace.  Today, businesses around the globe get their Nigerian digital marketing problems solved by AdHang.


11 ways can help your business in Nigeria:


  • Inform – raising awareness of your business in Nigeria.
  • Educate Nigerians about your business in Nigeria.
  • Establish your business as an authority in your niche in Nigeria.
  • Get Nigerians perform actions, such as adding information into a form, signing up for an email newsletter, etc.
  • Stimulate demands,  or increase sales of your business products/services in Nigeria.
  • Attract business away from a competitor in Nigeria.
  • Get more Nigerian customers.
  • Remind – to maintain interest, and enthusiasm for your business’s product, or service.
  • Build or repair public opinion about your business.
  • Persuade – generating an instant response.


AdHang will study, analyze and identify all your business digital marketing challenges in Nigeria and help you solve them. Click here to see steps, and find out how AdHang can increase your business’s revenue in Nigeria. It is important to know that poor-online marketing services kill trust, reputation, and business revenue; invest in a quality digital marketing service that is already helping businesses in Nigeria succeed today.