5 Online Awareness Campaign Ideas for Nigeria

There are many reasons Nigerian entities need online awareness campaigns, such as products and services awareness, public enlightenment, to save Nigerians from ignorance, and bring to the public notice what is important to them in any situation, and so on.

In this guide, we will be looking at 5 Online Awareness Campaign Ideas for Nigeria that you can start employing today and creating effective online awareness in Nigeria.

The 5 online awareness campaign ideas

Article:  write an article about the subject matter and publish it online in hundreds of places such blogs, social media groups, online forums and so on.  It depends on what you want to create awareness for, this will determine how far it will go online and whether you have to pay for everything or people will help you share it, etc.  For example, if the awareness has to do with product/service site owners will demand for advert fee to publish it, in the other hand, if it is meant to help people solve their problem , site owners will publish it free.

Press release:  create a press release or news media on the issue and distribute it online on thousands of news sites.  All news sites online accept press release when you can pay for it, so the more you pay the more your press release will be circulated online.  Good news is that AdHang can help you circulate your press release in Nigeria and have it read all over Nigeria and beyond.   

Video:  you can make demo video, spokesperson video or whiteboard video and publish it in tens of video sharing websites and can pay for the video sponsored ads to place it in strategic online places where your target Nigerian audience can be reached.  Video making and sharing is one of effective ways to create online awareness campaign for Nigerian audience, video is always engaging.

Website:   having a website for your online awareness campaign makes the awareness to look serious and believable. Create a website and optimize it for search engine ranking in Nigeria.  Website is one of effective strategies to create awareness for Nigeria, because most times a target audience will need to have reference points they can always visit specifically for the subject matter.

Internet bannerdesign banners with headlines and have the banners placed in Nigerian online platforms and sites to reach Nigerians. Internet banners play important roles in awareness when it comes to online awareness campaigns; if you visit websites across the internet you will see different banners in sizes with different messages, from different companies and entities around the globe.

Here you have them, 5 Online Awareness Campaign Ideas for Nigeria. You can use the multiple ways to create awareness and reach huge number of Nigerians online.

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