“Who Else Wants to Connect Their Business with Nearing 100,000,000 Captive and Affluent Nigerian Internet Users and Build a Truly Global Audience?”

Adhang.com is a cutting-edge internet advertising agency. We are renowned for ensuring the visibility of businesses to a targeted Nigerian audience with an impressive growth potential, year on year.

Would your business benefit from innovative, engaging ads, created by experienced and highly-regarded professionals?

 Are you worried that target audiences in Nigeria are overlooked because you are struggling to utilize the many online platforms available?

 Do you want to ensure that the internet presence, with which you have invested money, is long-lasting and retains impact?

Dear Business Owner,

Today, I am providing you with the unique opportunity to benefit from the ever-increasing number of internet users in Nigeria.

Employ internet advertising for your business and expand your market to targeted, prosperous Nigerians.

My name is Christian Okoye and I am the CEO of Adhang.com.  AdHang is an impressive marketing agency with an enviable reputation for increasing visibility that counts.

I set up the internet advertising agency, Adhang.com because I recognised the potential of targeting internet users in Nigeria and beyond. The current internet usage in Nigeria is close to 100,000,000 people which is a game-changing audience.

However, what is more exciting is the impressive growth of internet users, year on year. For example, in 2014, there was 16% growth alone. There is untold potential when considering Nigeria’s large and vibrant population.

Adhang.com was founded with the aim of creating innovative and exciting adverts that appeal to a company’s unique target audience. However, this was not the only vision. I was determined that the investment would benefit clients in the long-term.

Why do Adhang.com’s clients recommend our services?

Well, here is a summary of features that set us apart from other agencies:

  • Expert Knowledge: 10 years of dynamic experience in internet advertising and marketing ensures that we can meet every challenge
  • Diverse Clientele: Corporate bodies, government officials, event organizers, public figures, office holders, etc.
  • Internet Advertising: Harness potential of Google Adword, Yahoo ads, Microsoft Adcent, Facebook sponsor ads, articles, local popular websites and more
  • Collaborate with Global Media Talent ensuring that your memorable ad attracts the ideal audience
  • You Own the Copyright to All Content: eg. articles, press releases, banners, videos, etc.
  • All Advert Material is Forwarded to You: You can use generated material in future campaigns with us or elsewhere. There are no restrictions
  • Transparent Packages and Plans: Prices are as stated on website. There are no hidden costs
  • Clear Terms of Service: Honest information with no clever grammar or false promises
  • Employment of Ethical Means Only: We are a credible and law-abiding company
  • Custom Report Regarding all Ads Activities: Ads effectiveness is detailed in full
  • Longevity: Most posted adverts remain online after subscription ends, for example: videos, articles, etc
  • Unrivalled Visibility: Advertise on numerous platforms for no extra cost: Google, Yahoo, Facebook Sponsor, Cokoye, Linkedin, Nigeria Newspapers online, Bing, etc.
  • Cost Effective: Our forward-thinking, comprehensive service is unbeatable value


  • Excellent Customer Support: We address any issues swiftly to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind


These are not the only attributes…

Adhang.com has the monopoly on countless internet-savvy Nigerians who are actively searching for your service or product.

Adhang.com is a trusted internet advertising agency for discerning professionals:

“We are highly conscientious, motivated and reliable. We work hard to ensure that we keep in touch with the latest online and technological developments to provide cutting-edge services. Our clients’ opinion is vital for our business and therefore we always conduct ourselves with integrity.” –Christian Okoye

I created Adhang.com using my insight as a professional internet marketer and advertiser. I can personally guarantee that other business owners will benefit from our carefully considered packages and plans.

I am confident that you will benefit from a package or plan offered by Adhang.com

Nigeria has fostered a thriving and exciting online audience. Adhang.com facilitates the connection between you and your prospective clients.

Allow us to build the bridge to prosperity. Why not try it risk-free today?

I hope that you will join other business owners who are already benefiting from Adhang.com’s tailor-made service, cutting-edge expertise and significant Nigerian audience.


If you have any questions regarding Adhang.com and the services we provide, I am happy to answer them honestly and openly without any obligation or pressure to buy. 


Yours Sincerely,

 Christian Okoye

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