AdHang a world-class digital marketing agency has served many companies, institutions and event organizers around Nigeria in different capacities to achieve numerous objectives such as online awareness creation, educating Nigerians online, increasing sales and leads, introducing products in Nigeria, etc.  Why did these organizations choose AdHang? Below are why they chose AdHang and why you should choose AdHang for your internet promotion campaigns:


Advanced approach

What did this hold for you? While your rivals might be running basic internet promotion, AdHang will use state-of-the-art technologies, sophisticated online digital marketers and robust set of tools to accelerate your recognition across Nigeria faster and easier than they would ever thought possible. Before they know what hit them, you would have succeeded in wining customer’s attention away from them. If you’re an event organizer or politician, this advanced internet promotion is what you need to spread your tentacles all over Nigeria or in particular location quicker.


Holistic approach

What did this hold for you? AdHang will critical and thoroughly evaluate your digital marketing with your industry’s standard and search for where you’re missing digital marketing opportunities and help fix them. In addition, AdHang will use all online available media both local and international to reach millions of Nigerians in any part of the country and the world. Also, AdHang will employ assorted strategic online media tools and all components of digital marketing in its digital marketing campaigns, components such as mobile marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, online display, influencers marketing and content marketing.


First internet public enlightenment agency in Africa

What did this hold for you? If you’re a politician, activist, public office holder or an institution such as school, church and government who needs to engage Nigerians or African populace effectively. AdHang is a pioneer of internet public enlightenment in Africa as an agency. You’re assured of effective online public enlightenment, being one of core services of AdHang.  You can be helped by the agency via online to build or repair public opinion, attract supporters/followers, engage millions of Nigerians with your ideas, information and make impact in the nation.


Over ten years experience

What did this hold for you? AdHang has seasoned and tested experts who have spent years in the digital marketing industry achieving milestones. With wealth of experience in digital marketing, your objectives and goals will be achieved easier and quicker in Nigeria by the agency.  AdHang understands what it takes to design, run and manage effective digital marketing campaigns, whether to educate, persuade, remind or reinforce via internet digital space.


World-class professionals

What did this hold for you? Amateur-web marketers kill trust, drill revenue and jeopardize brand; AdHang uses only professionals and renders global standard and quality web marketing services.

When the agency is hired, your campaign will be planned by professionals and all online digital marketing tools needed will be designed and completely built with highest ethical standard and global best practices. Also, AdHang will manage your online digital marketing in such a way that is accurate, complete, and clear and design to promote credibility and trust by the Nigeria’s general public and your target audiences.


These are common reasons organizations chose AdHang for their online digital campaigns in Nigeria.

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