How to Increase Brand Awareness Online in Nigeria

There are multiple effective ways to increase brand awareness online in Nigeria. It depends on your company’s ability to harness tools and components of digital marketing for the brand awareness online.

Yes, understanding in and out of different things that go into increasing brand awareness online in Nigeria will determine how far your company can go, and whether it will achieve the brand awareness objectives or not.   There are basically two options for carrying out brand awareness campaign. Either your company does it itself/in-house or hires an online awareness creation agency in Nigeria to accomplish the project.

To effectively and massively increase brand awareness online in Nigeria, there are five components of internet digital marketing to use.  Listed below are the components and associated tools:

i. Content marketing. This helps for brand education, persuasive and sales increase. The tools are articles, info-graph, web videos (demo, sales, presentation, cartoon, and animation, etc) email marketing, photos and images.

ii. Social media marketing. Social media marketing promotes visibility, brand loyalty, recognition, and can also grow your sales. Social media marketing will focus on promoting the brand via social media platforms. There can be sponsored contents and display ads. Some of social media categories to be used are: Social networking e.g., wikis, news aggregator, forums such as, photo sharing and files sharing sites.

iii. Mobile marketing. A research by Econsultant UK and my experience have reviewed that half of internet traffics come from mobile. Assorted brand promotion formats can be created to perfectly integrate in mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones, feature phones, palmtop, etc.

Iv. Search engine marketing. Search engines marketing make possible your brand messages, advert and content to be displaying and shown on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Aol, etc.  This is a paid search, paid search adverts are displayed on top and button of search engines results.

v. Online display. Contextual text ads and online banners advertisements can be created to appear above, below, alongside and even in the middle of webpage contents across every imaginable style and type of thousands of websites and platforms across the world targeted at your audiences in Nigeria. Contextual ads (your banners will be displayed when keywords or there are contents that match what your brand is selling or marketing).


Here you have them, in case your company wants to do it itself/in-house, above are tools and channels of how to increase brand awareness online in Nigeria,  However, you can hire brand awareness agency AdHang to help your company plan, design and create the entire listed components above and carry out the brand awareness for the company.


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This is basically how to increase brand awareness online in Nigeria.