Many startups are constantly springing up in Nigeria from different niches, and industries to satisfy different needs.  In this post we look at 7 reasons Nigeria’s startups need digital marketing. Why digital marketing is important for startups 1.            Competing favorably 2.            To inform 3.            To persuade 4.            Data gathering 5.            Affordable marketing cost 6.            Convenience… Read More

Many companies, organizations, public figures, and institutions are achieving their digital marketing aims, at the same time some entities are failing to accomplish their digital marketing aims.  Do you believe you have done everything right, yet,  experiencing failure in achieving your digital marketing aims? Listed below are 7 common causes of internet digital marketing failure. 1:  You’re… Read More

Running a company in Nigeria is expensive. You have to manage your business costs such as salaries, overheads, bank loans and more. Traditionally, many Nigeria’s companies spend millions of Naira each month advertising in the newspaper, radio, magazines and on TV. The problem with the traditional method of advertising is that it’s just too expensive.… Read More