Why digital marketing is important for startups

Many startups are constantly springing up in Nigeria from different niches, and industries to satisfy different needs.  In this post we look at 7 reasons Nigeria’s startups need digital marketing.

Why digital marketing is important for startups

1.            Competing favorably

2.            To inform

3.            To persuade

4.            Data gathering

5.            Affordable marketing cost

6.            Convenience

7.            Better reach

Below are brief explanations of each of them.

  • Competing favorably:  digital marketing will help your newly introduced business to compete and position well in the industry and niche your business in Nigeria is meant to serve, whether business to business or business to consumer. With digital marketing you can compete with virtually any size of enterprise, e.g. you can out rank big companies in organic searches, through search engine optimization. This is really a big why digital marketing is important for startups.
  • To inform: one of the important of digital marketing to startup in Nigeria is the ability to enable an entity to inform its target audience in Nigeria.  With this a startup business can plan, create adverts and run informative advertising which includes awareness, educating a target audience and establishing the business in the minds of the customers and public.
  • To persuade: Nigerian startups can use digital marketing to persuade potential customers to buy a product, or subscribe to a service. This can be done through call to action marketing approaches in Nigeria.
  • Data gathering:  another reason digital marketing is important for startup in Nigeria is gathering of valuable data. With digital marketing you can observe, and record consumers’ behaviors in your industry and optimize your products and services to service the industry better and make good profits. In other words, digital marketing helps you to gather information that will save you time, stress and make your startup business profitable.
  • Affordable marketing cost:  when it comes to advertising to millions of Nigerians, digital marketing in Nigeria is very cheap compare to traditional media buying in Nigeria. Digital marketing will save you lots of money by advertising online to millions of Nigerians all over the country.
  • Convenience:  another important of digital marketing to startups is, it is very easy to do marketing and be at your office monitoring all the digital marketing activities with your desktop and mobile phone. You can view active adverts by browsing multiple websites and sources at once.
  • Better reach: one of major reasons digital marketing is important for startup in Nigeria is its ability to reach people worldwide simultaneously as an advent of internet has reduced information one on one basis around the world. This can fuel your startup growth in Nigeria quicker.

These are the 7 important reasons of digital marketing for startups in Nigeria.

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why startups need digital marketing