The Effect on Advertising Compare to Billboard, Newspaper & Radio Ads

adhang_Nigeria_Laptop_monies37                                 Introduction is a Nigerian company specializing in online advertising and marketing. With a proactive approach to reaching target audiences, spreads word of your product or service so as many people (customers, consumers, clients) as possible can come to know of it.

When compared to spending money advertising or promoting your brand through newspapers, radio shows, television and Nigerian billboard ads, the internet is more cost effective not to mention lucrative. All those media sources mentioned above have online counterparts. Everyone is online these days.’s Service Process

  • Once you’ve chosen a plan package and paid for it using our secure banking features, you’re ready to get started on a marketing campaign.
  • If any further information is needed, will contact you. Otherwise we take the next week (7 days) to begin work crafting your online campaign.
  • Press releases, articles, banners/headlines for online use etc. are formed by our copywriter and design teams. Nigerian newspaper adverts and Nigeria’s television adverts are also included so people who read their news online or watch television online can view your brand on the webpage.
  • Ad copy creation takes place next. Relying on keywords, models, spokespersons and videos, we prepare the most important chunks of promotion content for your business.
  • An online campaign administrator, working from own offices, hires all the right people based on budget and supervises global communication of your brand through Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Cokoye, and Bing. Of course, social media like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and StumbleUpon are also areas of focus.
  • The content-making team will prepare articles, videos and press releases and pass them by you for approval and suggestions before sending them flying through the internet. Even Radio ads in Nigeria get to display your brand online.
  • At the end of the course, a detailed report is shared with you and future plans are made.


The Importance Of’s Work In The Modern World

  • Saving Expenses – Ad placement is fast becoming an expensive field, ideal for Fortune 500 companies and new heavy-backup funded institutions. What about the common businessperson? Turning to our online advertising services can get you high quality exposure while saving you wads of cash.
  • Time – Business is rapidly changing. There’s always something new coming on the market and business itself is evolving. If you focsed your attention online, change and alterations become possible and plenty of time is saved instead of doing things the old-fashioned way.

You don’t need staff to do what we do for much less pay. From ad management, trigger clicking and negotiating on your behalf with online media owners, to online ad placement and positioning, banner and campaign creation, keyword research and ad link configuration, does it all and more.

  • Exposure – Everything in life is online, or soon will be. Your target audience is online, massive business potential and profit to earn you advantage and good name is all possible faster and more efficiently through smart online advertising campaigns. finds your business the exposure it needs and deserves while other companies divide their attention until their focus is so diluted across multiple fields that success is average at best. One field, online advertising, is all you need to create the perfect foundation for your future.


The Effect – Promotional Features

  • Online banking, safe and secure encryption channels, are part of our package deals and company policy.
  • Online advertising, needless to say, is something we excel at.
  • Mobile assistance through which your clients can be patched through to a secretary instead of getting a rude voicemail that could lose you their business.
  • Your advertisement can be seen in many prominent locations, including user pages on Facebook.
  • Tribune and Vanguard are two major Nigerian newspapers online and your advertisement, instead of paying a hefty sum to appear in actual print, can be displayed on the same newspapers’ online versions.
  • 20 video sharing websites, over 100 directories in which online content based on your business can be filed, over 500 press release media sites and more all come under our purview.


Conclusion caters to Nigerian promotion and advertising, helping you access millions of Nigerians and promote your business to them and other companies through smart campaigns, advertising plans, banners and content as well as an efficient work ethic. All employees at come ready to serve with diligence and hard work from the moment we receive your project to the day it’s all done. You can finally reap the fruits of your hard-earned ideas.


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