Outsourcing your company digital marketing is a way to go if you have financial constrains and need online marketing experts to help you company off to a flying competitive marketing.


Financial constrains in the sense that your company may not have complete team of internet advertising/marketing manpower requires to win attentions away from rivals and seize the market you serve. Yes, unless you’re only company operating in your niche or industry, you need huge and sophisticated digital marketing professionals to move ahead.   Digital marketing goes beyond what most businesses out there think or told, because they’re often being approached by amateurs.


For example, internet digital marketing has six elements that require different know-how, such as content marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, online display, search engine marketing and influencers marketing.


Each of these elements has advantages and disadvantages (depends on the product life cycle; in product life cycle there’re: introduction stage, growth stage, maturity stage or decline stage in the market). This means chosing wrong element or limited persons to handle above will lead to digital marketing failure and waste of monies. Each of the six elements above further has different areas and requires different skills. For example, content marketing has areas such as articles, videos, info graph, case studies, white papers, press release, email marketing, news letters, testimonials, brand story telling, etc. All need divergent professionals handling them.


Again, social media marketing element further has areas such as online forums, news aggregators, video sites, social networking sites, photo sharing sites, file sharing sites, wikis, etc.  You can see these aren’t what two or three persons can handle, let alone people who are preoccupied with other day to day activities.  To hire complete set of professionals to effectively handle your digital marketing campaigns requires spending millions of Naira, therefore is cheap and financial wise to outsource the digital marketing to an online marketing agency and use that same millions financing your internet advertising instead.


By default AdHang employs minimum of 16 divergent professionals working for a brand, the agency digital marketing approach here reviews where these different professionals come in.


With over ten years of experience in digital marketing in Nigeria and across Africa working in divergent industries, events have shown that there should be situation analysis team, which requires complete different skills from all the above. Also, in digital marketing campaigns from conception, planning, creation to execution; there are different parties to satisfy, which will involve series of routine works, thus, further making it difficult to average internet marketing persons, two or three persons to carry out. Any mistake on any of this can hurt the brand big time.


These are:


Party 1. Global community and parent’s company or the manufacturer or partners:

the online advertising must follow international best practices and standard


Party 2. General public and regulatory authorities: all campaigns must be family friendly


Party 3. Internet platforms and online sources: all creative materials must follow online channels terms and conditions in marketing your kind of products or services


Party 4. Customers and potential buyers: all promotion and creative works formats must be compatible and should perfectly viewed in devices such as desktops, tablets, laptops, smart phones, feature phones, etc.


Party 5. Your company: all marketing tactical and strategic approaches must focus on your marketing objectives and goals in the brief.


Finally, imaginations must be balanced with marketing principles and the advertisement will be managed and run in a way that is accurate, complete, and clear and design to promote credibility and trust by the general public.


All these are why outsourcing digital marketing makes marketing online cheap.