Many startups are constantly springing up in Nigeria from different niches, and industries to satisfy different needs.  In this post we look at 7 reasons Nigeria’s startups need digital marketing. Why digital marketing is important for startups 1.            Competing favorably 2.            To inform 3.            To persuade 4.            Data gathering 5.            Affordable marketing cost 6.            Convenience… Read More

Online Banner Design Company in Nigeria (AdHang) will help your organization create engaging, appealing, and call to action internet banners in sizes in Nigeria. All AdHang’s internet banner designers are made up of world-class experts who have designed banners for top global brands across the world. As the No.1 banner design company in Nigeria, the… Read More

I just want to give brief explanation how AdHang performs the agency’s functions.  Writing of this explanation was inspired when I saw that some people were using search engines to search for questions like: function of AdHang, how does AdHang perform their functions, etc?   Let’s start with what AdHang is all about: is… Read More

    Experiences, interactions and observations have shown that when it comes to digital marketing, people often think of it in terms of marketing products or in some cases advertising services. While different agencies have been existing to help in marketing and branding in these niches and categories from Beer Branding Agencies (product) to Law… Read More

Partnering with AdHang a digital marketing agency in Nigeria is the best option to deliver excellent digital marketing results in Nigeria and across Africa, being a specialist in digital marketing in the region for over 13 years.  You can partner with the agency to serve as your digital marketing agency or internet marketing department; while… Read More

Nigerian business social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention and engaging a given audience through social media sites for business in Nigeria. Unlike before, it was regarded as kids’ online gathering place; now social media is gradually gaining acceptance by Nigeria’s mature minds. Here comes advantage for businesses in Nigeria… Read More

AdHang a leading Online Marketing Agency Now Opens To Help You Reach Africa AdHang, A force for good in Africa   Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa: Today, AdHang, the first internet public enlightenment agency in west Africa and leading online digital marketing agency in Africa, is now opened to help any company, business, event organizer, institution… Read More

Nigeria’s World-Class Digital Marketing Agency is Now Ready to Help Foreign Companies AdHang, Nigeria’s leading digital marketing agency and also the first internet public enlightenment agency in West Africa; welcomes foreign companies and institutions and to help you reach millions of consumers and general populace in Nigeria. AdHang an experience and advance web marketing agency… Read More

Social media marketing: A review Social media today has a huge influence on our lives. Whether it is an adult or a child, each of us spends half of our day on social media. Scrolling down and stalking, these activities have become a permanent part of our lives. This evolution of social media has helped… Read More

Online social media campaign management by AdHang is a service offered by the agency to assist companies, organizations, public figures, and agencies to plan, design, run, and manage social media campaigns in Nigeria. This social media management service is offered for basically three reasons To help you launch a social media campaign that is well… Read More