What Are Online Advertising Benefits?

What are online advertising benefits? Today in this blog post will be looking at 6 common benefits of advertising online. Whether for business, event, politics, or institution such as school, government and church, these 6 benefits of online advertising are applicable to all.

6 Common Benefits of Online Advertising

  • Awareness
  • Education
  • To establish
  • Sales
  • To remind
  • Hosting information

Let us briefly look at each of the online advertising benefits.


Creating awareness is one huge benefit of online advertising; you can create awareness for your products, or services, awareness can be created for an upcoming event, a government can create awareness to warn citizens about danger, a political party can embark on awareness program about its party, a church can create awareness about church’s activities, etc.


Another benefit of online advertising is educating the target audience. Businesses can educate potential customers about products and services, schools can use online advertising to educate upcoming students about the schools’ offerings (admissions, courses, departments, etc), government agencies can educate the masses about policy and issues important for the government, politicians can educate electorates what they intend to do when elected into an office, etc.

To establish

For every brand to be recognizes it has to be established in that category, for example, when you hear the word “AdHang” what comes to the mind? Of course, online advertising agency in Nigeria, because the name AdHang has been established in Nigeria in this category of business, or line of trade in Africa. Yes, online advertising important benefit is establishing brands, names, authorities in a niche, expertise, etc.  Until your entity is established in the target audience’s minds, it will be confused for something else, that is only if they see it at all.


Sales represent another benefit of online advertising. Every business needs sales; event organizers need tickets’ sales; authors need sales of their books, universities need sales for their admission forms, politicians need to sell themselves to electorates to get votes, etc. Online advertising helps to stimulate demands and makes sales.

To remind

“Out of sight is out of mind”, online advertising is used to remind a target audience about anything that is important for an entity. For example, politicians use online advertising to remind their supporters to vote, competing brands use online advertising to remind their customers and potential subscribers that their brands still exist in the marketplace, government agencies use online advertising to remind the public about their responsibilities as the citizen, universities use online advertising to remind parents and students about their programs, etc.

Hosting information

One of the greatest benefits online advertising is hosting information online. Whenever you browse internet you will be coming across different contents (news releases, pdf files, info-graphs, ebook, videos, case studies, images, articles, reviews, etc) from different sources, such as news portals, companies’ websites, social networking sites, wikis, forums, blogs, directories, classified sites, etc. Online advertising made it possible to have all these contents all over the internet places for different purposes, some of which have been mentioned earlier.

These are some of online advertising benefits.

6 Benefits of Online Advertising Nigeria

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